Appatlo Okadundevadu starring Sree Vishnu, Tanya Hope, Nara Rohith
Appatlo Okadundevadu movie review by audience: Live update. Pictured: Appatlo Okadundevadu posterTwitter

Director Sagar K Chandra's Telugu movie Appatlo Okadundevadu, starring Sree Vishnu, Tanya Hope and Nara Rohith, has received positive reviews from the audience.

Appatlo Okadundevadu is an action entertainer, based on real life events that happened between 1992 and 1996 in Hyderabad. The movie is a sort of biopic of an aspiring cricketer, whose destiny turns him into a criminal. Sagar K Chandra has also written the story and screenplay for the film.

Appatlo Okadundevadu revolves around the story of aspiring cricketer Railway Raju (Sree Vishnu), who is part of the Ranji team and later plays a few matches for the India team for two years. But the twist in the tale is that certain issues turn him into a criminal. Police officer Imtiaz Ali (Nara Rohit), who is on hunt for Naxals, arrests Raju in a murder case. What happens next forms the crux of the story of the movie.

Viewers say Appatlo Okadundevadu is an attempt in a new direction, and Sagar K Chandra has chosen a unique story for the film. His screenplay lacks commercial ingredients, but it keeps viewers engaged throughout the movie. The first half has an interesting story, but it suffers from slow-paced narration. The second half is very interesting and is the biggest strength of the film.

Sree Vishnu and Nara Rohith have delivered brilliant performances, which are the highlights of Appatlo Okadundevadu. Tanya Hope has played the female lead and she has done justice to her role. Supporting artistes Rajiv Kanakala, Brahmaji and Sreenivas Reddy are also assets of the movie, say the audience.

Bankrolled by Prashanti and Krishna Vijay, Appatlo Okadundevadu has decent production elements. Sai Karthik's background score, Naveen Yadav's picturisation, Sagar K Chandra's dialogues and Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao's editing are the attractions on the technical front.

Here are some comments on the movie posted by viewers on Twitter. Check out the live update of Appatlo Okadundevadu movie review by audience:

Rajesh Cherukuri ‏@rajcherukuri

#AppatloOkadundevadu-Decent 1st half & interesting 2nd half, this is ends up as a gud movie that could be liked by few section of audience #AppatloOkadundevadu is a well made good screen play film. 2nd half is the soul and last 20 mins BRILLIANT I repeat BRILLIANT Don't miss

Tapasi Raju Yerra ‏@TapasiRY

Very well made movie. Do not miss it #AppatloOkadundevadu #AppatloOkadundevadu scores highly on writing. The way loose strings are connected in the movie blows you away, TERRIFIC!

G Sriniwasa Kumar ‏@SKNonline

#AppatloOkadundevadu is a well made good screen play film. 2nd half is the soul and last 20 mins BRILLIANT I repeat BRILLIANT Don't miss Director Sagar Chandra did lot of RESEARCH on events in the past& presented naturally,He is a Hidden gem, SriVishnu steals the show, Rohit

Hemanth Kumar C R ‏@crhemanth

#AppatloOkadundevadu is pretty good...well-written...And I really liked the second half ....Good luck to the whole team :-)

Suresh Kondi ‏@V6_Suresh

Liked #AppatloOkadundevadu.Very well written by Dir Sagar Chandra.Intense & Engaging.The best story telling movie in recent times.Go&Watch

Maruthi Dasari ‏@DirectorMaruthi

I jus saw #AppatloOkadundevadu v nice film....congrats to entire team...keep up the gud work

TC #KhaidiNo150 ‏@TeluguCinemaBiz

#AppatloOkadundevadu-Decent 1st half & interesting 2nd half, this is ends up as a gud movie that could be liked by few section of audience #AppatloOkadundevadu is a different attempt that would deserve a big applause. #AppatloOkadundevadu Movie Plus points : #NaraRohit and #SreeVishnu performances, Direction, First half. #AppatloOkadundevadu Movie Minus points : Lack of commercial elements, Music.

Sandeep Aatreya ‏@SandeepAatreya

In the time of war, law should be silent. Loved this dialogue of #NaraRohit from #AppatloOkadundevadu Halfway through #AppatloOkadundevadu . Good film. Interesting first half. Done with the film. #AppatloOkadundevadu tugs at your heartstrings. One of the well-made films Kudos to #NaraRohit , Vishnu, Sagar Chandra

Telugu360 ‏@Telugu360

#AppatloOkadundevadu is yet another good attempt by Nara Rohit, who has a penchant for selecting good scripts.

Kalyan ‏@kalyan_krazy

#AppatloOkadundevadu Review: 1st Half:Good 2nd Half:Decent Plus: #NaraRohit #SreeVishnu Dialogues Cinematography Direction Rating:3/5

Rahul Reddy N ‏@itsmerahulreddy

#AppatloOkadundevadu SLow pAcEd FiRsT HaLf wiTh aWsOmE cHaRaCtEriSaTiOn oF #rAiLwAyrAjU.iNtErVaL RaCy 2nD hALf bGm AbOvE aVeRaGe FiLm

Voice ‏@moviezealot9999

#AppatloOkadundevadu first half completed....avg to above till now .. good story, slow pace undi andariki ekkadu...BGM good, Direction Good #AppatloOkadundevadu Movie over, Avg , Excellent story , Individual scenes ga good overall up and downs unnai, Good effort and try by team

Tollywood Badcow ‏@TollywoodBadcow

#AppatloOkadundevadu Is like Nostagic those 90's teens will understand the spirit of the film and some references of #Nayeem ,Nizam ,PVN.3/5

కాటమరాయుడు ‏@naaistam52

Frist half lo four six's scene Excellent #AppatloOkadundevadu Overall Good Movie. Intense,Emotional and Engaging #AppatloOkadundevadu

Mr B ‏@Radical_Writer

Extraordinary movie to watch & to give send off to this year #AppatloOkadundevadu ... @actorbrahmaji bhayya acting is like drinking water+ Excellent character &U took it to next level with your performance &it's very easy to you to involve audience&giving a treat @actorbrahmaji

AYYAPPA REDDY ‏@lucky59000

#AppatloOkadundevadu good engaging screenplay little bit slow narration nd good concept appatlo #RailwayRaju #Imthiyaz ani iddaru undevalu

Prasadam Raghu ‏@raghumaatv

#AppatloOkadundevadu is a Good film.. well narrated by #SagarChandra & his team Good performances #NaraRohith #SriVishnu ..

Kireeti Damaraju ‏@KirrD

Watched #AppatloOkadundevadu Terrific writing, super screenplay and nostalgic setup by Sagar Chandra. Wish I was part of such scripts.Sigh! Malli @actorbrahmaji shows why he is the boss in taking the characters to next peak level with his performance. Super! #AppatloOkadundevadu

Vamsi Shekar PRO ‏@vamsishekarPRO

#AppatloOkadundevadu releasing today. Intriguing plot, super performances from Sree Vishnu Nara Rohith. MUST WATCH #AppatloOkadundevadu extremely positive response SUPER Background score Suresh Bobbili AMAZING Sree Vishnu Last 20 mins OUTSTANDING

Jalapathy Gudelli ‏@JalapathyG

#AppatloOkadundevadu : Good effort from director Sagar Chandra. Has interesting story line and is well told.

Ramya ‏@ramyaleela

@TanyaHope_ #AppatloOkadundevadu Super. Climax is heart touching Different movie You have similar features with @tamannaahspeaks

PavanKumar Mannem ‏@mpk1988

The year ends with a bang Awesome script with amazing performances BGM needs special mention Very well executed #AppatloOkadundevadu