YouTube: mavi777

Conspiracy theory channel 'mavi777' has released an eerie video which has now turned out to be the hottest debating point among apocalypse believers. The video shows a strange massive object appearing in the skies of Kazakhstan, and conspiracy theorists have now started alleging that it is nothing but the rogue planet Nibiru.

As per Nibiru believers, the mysterious space body also known as Planet X will soon hit the earth causing massive destruction everywhere. In the video shot from Afghanistan, the giant massive object seemingly spherical in shape appeared in the skies with a glow during the night time. The conspiracy theory channel also revealed that the clip was shot on July 30, 2018.

Earlier, David Meade, one of the strong proponents of Nibiru has claimed that Planet X will appear in the skies between June and December 2018. As the new video shot from Kazakhstan has now surfaced online, conspiracy theorists believe that Meade's words have come true, and the world is going to witness disastrous events in the near future.

Some conspiracy theorists also alleged that the recent earthquakes which hit Indonesia are a strong indication that Nibiru is speedily approaching earth. As per these theorists, the arrival of Nibiru is shifting the pole balance of the earth, and this is the main reason behind the rising number of natural disasters.

Meanwhile, a section of other conspiracy theorists has claimed that the bizarre object spotted in the skies might be an alien mothership from deep space. These theorists argue that aliens are sending scout ships to the earth to understand the activities here before they begin the invasion.

However, skeptics ruled out both the alien and Nibiru angle, and they have made it clear that the strange object which appeared in the skies is nothing but an illuminated weather balloon.