Anusree opens up about her wedding plans
Anusree opens up on her wedding plansMazhavil Manoram/Facebook

With the release of the teaser of Sunday's (October 30) episode of the chat show, Onnum Onnum Moonu, telecast on Malayalam entertainment channel Mazhavil Manorama, gossip about what's cooking between film actress Anusree and television actor Rayjen came under hot discussions on social media.

During the show, both the actors were seen spending some quality time together with the host and playback singer Rimi Tomy. The entire episode saw cozy moments spent by the duo, prompting viewers to believe that they are in a serious relationship. Rimi even had wished them, saying, "If yours is a sincere love, may God bless you both to be together throughout your life [translated from Malayalam]."

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However, Anusree has now come forward to give a clarification on her "affair" through a Facebook live video. When a social media user asked about her wedding plans, Anusree claimed that she has no plans to get married in the near future and whatever happened during the show was just done for entertainment purpose.

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"I am sure all of you might have seen the latest episode of Onnum Onnum Moonu that I attended with Rayjan. Actually, everything we said was just for the show. As per the initial plan, Rayjan, Rahul, who acts in the serial Ponnambili and me were asked to attend the show as a coordinator in Mazhavil Manorama was aware that I am a fan of these two actors. The plan was to give them a surprise about a film actress, who is their fan. However, Rahul couldn't come for the show and we both had to attend it. We were asked to respond to the counters of Rimi, following which we danced and performed together, raising confusion among the audience. But the truth is that there isn't anything cooking between us and everything we did were just for the show. As of now, I have no plans to get married in the near future," she said.

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Meanwhile, when another netizen asked her not to get married to a person from the film industry, she added: "I cannot tell anything about it now, it might or might not happen. Anyway, I haven't decided on my marriage yet."

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