Pari vs Parmanu
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Bollywood actor John Abraham will be back on the silver screen after 2016's Force 2. He will be seen in Abhishek Sharma's Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran which was slated to release on April 6 and was supposed to clash with Anushka Sharma's Pari.

Although Anushka's movie was earlier slated to hit the screens on February 9, it seems that Padmaavat's release date shook other Bollywood movies' dates.

While speculations were rife that Parmanu makers were scared to clash with Pari, John Abraham has responded to it.

Talking to Mumbai Mirror, he said, "I refuse to compromise on anything, be it the action, the visual effects or the sound design. Also, I need time to converse with my audience, prep them up for a film set two decades ago."

"It is really strong in content and I don't mind moving dates as long as my film is good because a Friday speaks. With all due respect, I'd like to say that I would not move for any other film but I'll only release my film when it's completely ready."

Producer Prernaa Arora is, interestingly, part of both the movies – Parmanu and Pari. Talking about John and the release date, she told Mirror, "John is a perfectionist. As a partner, I trust him completely when it comes to being creative and his vision for this film. This is a very important film for us and the country. It will release on April 6. John needed time to give it the finishing touches and the best possible experience for the audience."

Parmanu is set in 1998 and is based on the nuclear tests conducted in Pokhran, Rajasthan. The first looks and poster of the movie look promising. We hope Parmanu becomes John's hit movie.