Anushka Sharma penned an emotional note when Virat Kohli stepped down as India's Test Captain. Anushka's words pierced through several hearts as she spoke about Kohli's dedication and perseverance, the ups and the downs. However, not everyone seemed impressed with Anushka's take on Kohli's journey and personal growth.

Anushka Sharma's tweet questioned

A Twitter user and journalist has now called Anushka's long post a "spectacle" and criticised it. "Quite don't understand that captaincy or leaving it merits such back to back purgation of emotions by a couple when only interest paramount be that of Team India. Never before spouses of greats Sehwag, Ganguly,Sachin,VVS, Gambhir,Dhoni made spectacle of their careers.#ViratKohli," wrote Rohan Dua.

Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli
Anushka Sharma and Virat KohliTwitter

"Such was the decency & resolve to stay away from glory & opulence of cricket that only recognizable appearance Tendulkar's wife Anjali made was during his last match ! Not a word before/after. Kumble & Srinath had their moms jump out in joy during 1996 Titan Cup, with innocence," he further wrote.

Anushka's post

This was in reaction to Anushka Sharma's post. "I remember MS, you & I having a chat later that day & him joking about how quickly your beard will start turning grey. We all had a good laugh about it. Since that day, I've seen more than just your beard turning grey. I've seen growth. Immense growth. Around you & within you. And yes, I am very proud of your growth as the captain of the Indian National Cricket team & what achievements the team had under your leadership. But I'm more proud of the growth you achieved within you," Anushka wrote.

Virat, Anushka, Vamika
Virat, Anushka, VamikaInstagram

She further said that in 2014, they were so young and naive. Several challenges that people face  were not always on the field. But then, this is life right and it tests people in places where they least expect it to but where they need it the most. "And my love, I am so proud of you for not letting anything come in the way of your good intentions," she wrote addressing her husband.

Now, the Twitter user's tweet criticising Anushka has evoked mixed reactions. While many have called him out for his insensitive tweet, many are resonating with his views.