Rohit Shetty, Anupama Chopra

Rohit Shetty's Simmba starring Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan has not only been making new records at the box office but has also emerged as the biggest commercial film of 2018. Ranveer Singh's performance as Simmba has been lauded by many and Sara Khan's freshness is like a breath of fresh air onscreen.

While a majority of the critics have hailed the film with many stars, critic Anupama Chopra hasn't entirely been convinced with the plot. Talking about the 'rape scene' and the 'courtroom drama' in the film, Anupama felt like though Rohit's intentions were great but it appeared in the film that it was all done and shown only to serve the men.

She added that not only all the women were in relationship to Simmba, even the female judge was emotionally blackmailed into taking a decision. She also pointed out how in the end, a female judge blamed another female – a mother – for something a man did which made the entire matter of 'rape' in the film seem just as a lip service and not heartfelt.

In conversation with the critic, Rohit Shetty, totally declined her accusations. He said that it was his point of view that some strict and tough action should be taken by the cops in his film to create a terror among those who do such a thing. He also added that the judge blamed the mother of 'Durva' as his father had died long back. However, the judge had added towards the end that both 'maa' and 'baap' are responsible.

Making a stance clearer, Rohit Shetty said, "Today, I don't need an issue like rape to make a film hit. I have proven 13 films, 8 a 100 crore, 2 a 200 crore, this one is going for a 100 crore. I am sitting with 10 blockbusters and I don't need such a pathetic thing to do, that's wrong."

However, when Anupama asked him whether he is able to see where the criticism is coming from, Rohit replied, "You are one, who is saying about this and 2-3 people who have written about this. Other than that, if this was the case, there are so many women calling, there are so many women writing on Twitter, they are not feeling it like that. I think they are not analysing it, but are just getting entertained."

Getting a little defensive on the topic, Rohit also said that the film and the encounter was his point of view and he doesn't care about what few pseudo-intellectuals would write.

Ouch! That's some kadak statement.