With projects like Super 30, Chichhore, Taj Mahal 1989, and recently the webseries - Love J Action, actor Anud Singh is steadily making a separate fanbase for himself. Though the journey was never a cakewalk for the actor during his earlier days, he doesn't hold a grudge.

Sharing his journey from Bhopal to the city of dreams of Mumbai with the International Business Times, he said, "It has been a very long journey, full of ups and downs. I am from a middle-class family, with no connections in the entertainment industry, so coming here without anyone to guide or help was a very tough decision. In the start, it was too tough to get an audition as I didn't know people but then slowly I started to get auditions for a small blink and miss parts. But the most important fact was with each audition I got a shot to audition for a bigger part. And the biggest part of the struggle was to believe in oneself every day, every minute, despite you having a bad or good day."

Anud Singh Dhaka
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The power of the audience

On the topic of disparity of work in the entertainment industry, he says, "It's the audience who makes a normal person acting on-screen "A Chahita Kalakar". The industry isn't democratic but the audience today has immense power in deciding who they see more of and the audience today really knows what they want to see who they want to see. It takes years and years of struggle for them to get that one opportunity. And if you like their work and you want to see them flourish please come out and support them, share their work with people, follow them on social media, just encourage them because it's a difficult industry to be a part of. The support of the audience means everything because at the end of the day as much as an artist performs for himself he also performs for the audience."

The kind of roles he wants to do

Further talking about the roles he is looking out for now, he says, "I am still at a growing stage so I want to experiment with roles. But to be very specific I want to do roles which are relatable for the audience and would make them happy while they watch it on screen."