Rita Ora

Rita Ora has been receiving good reviews for her work on America's Next Top Model Season 23. But Krislian Rodriguez, a former contestant, has now blamed Ora for the former's exit from the show.

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Krislian Rodriguez told TMZ in a video chat that Ora was rude to her because they both dated Scottish DJ Calvin Harris in the past. "Going into the show, Rita already knew who I was so I was at a disadvantage," she told TMZ. "There was definitely some rivalry happening with her, which I didn't understand."

Rodriguez also likened Ora to Mean Girls Regina George, made famous by Rachel McAdams. "It was more like a mean girl situation - I would say Rita was definitely Regina George!" The model also added that her interactions with Ora in the past has never been pleasant.

Rodriguez dated Harris in 2014 shortly after he split from Ora in 2014.

Ora and Harris had a nasty breakup, and at the time it was reported that she learned about the split through Twitter. A source told The Sun: "Rita was left embarrassed when he tweeted that it was all over. She didn't think he was going to make the announcement, so she was shocked."

It was Harris who took the call to end their relationship, the source said, noting that he wasn't ready for the extra media attention that came with being her boyfriend.

"It was Calvin's decision to end the relationship," the source said. "They had been arguing for months and had grown apart. She was constantly posting snaps of her with other groups of friends and her trip to Mexico and photos of her with Khalil were the final straw."