It's a unanimous vote that 2020 has hit us hard, unlike we expected it too. In more ways than one, this year has taken its toll, and at this point, we don't know what else is to come. After all, 2020 has just begun.

As we get into the next quarter, let's look back on some of the biggest events and stories that struck Bollywood in 2020. Sometimes reflection can help ease the sail. From the anti-CAA protests, riots, big movie releases, controversies to the current point in the Coronavirus pandemic, there's a lot we can retrospect in 2020.

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What Bollywood has faced so far in 2020

Every year is kind of like the next one if the year pans out as usual. Although in 2020 hardly anything is the same. Who would have thought anything could bring Bollywood to a standstill? So let's see what led us here. 

1. Boycott Chhapaak and anti-CAA protests

The anti-CAA protests were panned out over the course of the latter half of 2019 and the first two months of 2020. The protests were uncontrollable and times violent. However, Bollywood found itself embroiled in the issue when certain actors raised their voices and certain actors didn't. Some outspoken stars like Swara Bhasker and directors like Anurag Kashyap were vocal about their stand on CAA. Nobody expected Bollywood to say anything and bigger stars in the industry were being targetted for their silence.

Deepika Padukone shows her soliderity with JNU students' protest
Deepika Padukone shows her soliderity with JNU students' protestTwitter

Deepika Padukone was one of the few who went to stand in solidarity with the students of JNU when violence broke out on campus. Her action was lauded by the country's student population but it had an adverse impact on her movie Chhaapaak where she was portraying an acid attack victim. The internet began boycotting her film due to her move. Incidentally, she was a producer on the film. While the film received critical acclaim and Padukone's performance was highly-praised, the film suffered at the box office. Nonetheless many came out in support of the actress like Naseeruddin Shah who commended her bravery. 

2. Tanhaji gets a massive response 

Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior released on 10th January and turned out to be the best commercial performance of a Bollywood film at the box office in 2020. The Ajay Devgn and Saif Ali Khan- starrer received a roaring response from fans and critics alike. The movie also beat out its competition Chhapaak which released on the same date. Unhindered by any public backlash or pandemic, the film went on to have a long run at the cinema.


3. Wendell Rodricks' death

On 12th February Wendell Rodricks passed away in Goa. The renowned fashion designer died at the age of 59, whose cause of death was investigated by the Goa police. A close friend revealed he passed away due to heart failure during his afternoon nap. The death of the designer shook Bollywood, as many stars and celebrities who had worked with him and were close to him shared their grief over the news. 

Wendell Rodricks

4. Daboo Ratnani's calendar launch

Renowned fashion photographer Daboo Ratnani launched his calendar in February. The launch turned out to be a success and the photos made striking headlines, especially Kiara Advani's for which the Kabir Singh actress was massively trolled. However, the photos saw all the stars glowing. 

Kiara Advani nude photoshoot
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5. Rohit Shetty unfollows Katrina Kaif over trolling

Rohit Shetty fell into trouble for a remark he had made about Katrina Kaif. Netizens trolled the Sooryavnashi directed brutally, leading to him unfollowing the actress on Instagram. The comment was made about the fact that nobody may see Katrina in the frame when there's Ajay Devgn, Akshay Kumar and Ranveer Singh. The comment was seen as a sexist one which the audience called out. But Katrina came to her director's defence saying that it was taken out of context, where he actually said nobody would notice her ill-timed blink. Talk about making mountains out of molehills. 

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6. Bollywood shuts down due to Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has been unprecedented, and in early March it began becoming a serious issue in India. This meant state governments calling for avoidance of public gatherings and cinema halls. Bollywood had to put projects on hold, avoid shoots in affected countries and hold off releases until a better date. As the lockdown neared all workings of Bollywood came to a screeching stop, which is sure to cost them over 800 crores. It is yet to be seen when and how Bollywood will come back into action.

7. Kanika Kapoor tests positive for Coronavirus

The latest story that really affected Bollywood was when singer Kanika Kapoor tested positive for the virus. What's more her actions upon returning from the UK, were questioned heavily by the public and colleagues alike. Some came in her defence but it scared the industry. Kanika Kapoor has now tested positive five times already and is hoping to be out of Coronavirus soon. 

Kanika Kapoor, Prince Charles
Kanika Kapoor, Prince CharlesTwitter

It's been quite the year, we can only hope it gets better from here.