Phil Hughes funeral
After Phil Hughes' death, an umpire and a cricketer has died after being hit by the ball in just two monthsReuters

The sport has seen as many as three deaths in the last two months due to an on-field incident, with the latest one coming in Pakistan.

A teenage cricketer in Karachi, Zeeshan Mohammed, died an unfortunate death after being struck on the chest by a cricket ball.

The 18-year-old cricketer died from a heart seizure after receiving the fatal blow during a club match in Orangi town in Karachi, Pakistan.

The youngster was taken to the Orangi Town general hospital, but was declared dead on arrival.

"He was brought to the hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival," Doctor Samad was quoted as saying by PTI.

"We have been told he was hit on the chest by a fast bowler while batting and collapsed on the pitch."

This death of another cricketer brings back memories Phil Hughes, the Australian cricketer who was struck on the head from a bouncer by fast bowler Sean Abbott two months ago. The player was left unconscious at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Hughes was rushed to hospital, where he remained critical for two days, before taking his last breath in the hospital. It was not only a dark day for Australian cricket, but also world cricket.

Just when the world was recovering from Hughes' death, two days later, news of a death in Israel rocked the cricket world. An umpire in Israel was hit on the head by a cricket ball.

His name was Hillel Oscar, a former Israel cricketer and an umpire, who officiated in European championships.

In another recent incident few days ago, another Australian cricketer, Daniel Hughes was also hit on his head after missing a hook shot and he was unconscious for a brief while but fortunately survived.