An industrial blast at a machinery factory at noon on Wednesday in Shanghai killed four and injured two.

The blast, which happened at Shanghai Zhizhuo Machine Equipment Co Ltd in Baoshan district's Shi Tai road — an area housing many industrial factories like a Siemens manufacturing factory and Shanghai LUO woollen mill — killed four workers.

Two others were injured and have been rushed to the nearby Baogang Hospital. Their situation is stable.

There is no continued threat from the blast site as no open fire has been sighted at the factory, reported Shanghai Daily.

China has, over the past few months, been witnessing massive industrial disasters which raise questions on safety measures adopted by the country. 

The Tianjen explosion on 12 August, 2015, killed 160 people and injured almost hundred others. The two massive chemical-based explosions at the port ended up destroying large parts of the city in China.  

A blast at Shandong Runxing Chemical Technology Co Ltd in the Hainan province killed one and injured nine on 21 August. 

On 29 August, seven workers were killed at a paper mill factory in the Hunan province due to the release of poisonous gases.

In September 2015, a chemical factory was rocked by a massive explosion in the Zhejiang province. Another blast in October in Zheijang at a chemical plant injured at least seven people.

Also, a massive blast in an industrial zone in Shandong killed five people in September 2015. The effect of the blast was felt 50 km away.