Anne Hathaway is all set to star in HBO Max's new heist film, Locked Down which narrates the story of an ordinary couple who attempt to pull off a heist of a lifetime at London department store Harrods. She recently appeared on The Tonight Show that is hosted by Jimmy Fallon and told the host that in her new film, she parts ways with her partner in the middle of the lockdown. 

Anne Hathaway The Witches

"The day after we have our can't-take-it-back, end-it-all, rager of a fight, my character gets a call that one of my co-workers is experiencing symptoms and we are now to be locked down with each other for 14 days in quarantine. We sort of lose our minds, find each other, and then somehow decide to steal a three million pound diamond from a mass murderer."

Shot in the Harrods store

Anne continued that the director Doug Liman and screenwriter Steven Knight had approached London's Harrods with their 40-page script, to explain that the film would not work without the store's agreement.

"We've got 40 pages and an idea but if you don't say yes to our needing to shoot the finale of the movie in your store, there's no point in us making it so, can we get a yes or no?," Anne said at the show. 

Anne Hathaway
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"And you would expect them to be like, 'We have to call our lawyers, we have to run it through this, we have to do market research. But [because] it was 2020, they were like, 'You know what, why not?'," she continued.

This wouldn't be the first time Anne Hathaway would be seen in the role of a thief. Earlier, in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, her character, Catwoman survived by stealing from 'people who had too much,' which mainly included the protagonist Bruce Wayne. In the later part of the film, her character was also seen warning a young boy, never to steal from someone he cannot outrun.