Real story behind Annabelle doll
Real story behind Annabelle dollYouTube Screenshot

Among several horror legends, Annabelle doll is one of the most popular. As Annabelle Comes Home hits the screens, we bring you the 'true story' associated with the origin of the evil spirit.

One popular YouTube channel titled Khooni Monday, which releases videos of "true horror stories" every Monday, has now come up with the "real story" of Annabelle.

Titled as "Annabelle Doll True Story", the video narrates a story dated back in 1970 when this doll had created a lot of disturbance in the lives of two girls. It stated that a girl named Dona, who was studying nursing, was gifted a doll by her mother.

Although she was a grown up college girl, she always liked dolls, and hence, her mother had gifted her the antique doll. She used to stay at an apartment with her room-mate Angie.

Everything was fine until Dona and Angie noticed that the doll used to change its positions on its own. While they started paying more attention to this strange incidents, more paranormal activities began in the house.

Things took a major turn when Dona and Angie while returning from college found multiple pieces of papers lying on their corridor with a message written "help me". What made the girls more panicked is seeing the doll lying at the corner of the corridor with its face covered with blood.

Sensing something paranormal, they called a priest from the Church who informed the two girls that the doll is possessed. While interacting with the spirit, it told the priest that she is a 7-year-old kid named Annabelle Higgins. She further told them that she had died in a car accident right where the apartment was built. It also told them that she feels safe with Dona and Angie, and wants to stay with them.

Hearing the sad story, Dona and her friend felt sorry for the girl, and decided to let it stay with them thinking that a small kid cannot cause harm to anyone.

Angie had a boyfriend named Luu, who at times used to stay in the same apartment. When Angie told him about the doll being possessed, he suggested them to get rid of it, but the girls did not agree.

Soon Luu had a terrifying experience when his sleep broke in the middle of the night. He was extremely scared to realise that he could not move his body, and could only hear a small girl's laughter. Suddenly he saw Annabelle standing near his bed, and before he could understand anything, the doll jumped on him, and started to strangle him. Scared to his limits, Luu felt unconscious, only to find the doll in its right place the next morning. The guy was confused if it was just a bad dream or the doll had actually attacked him.

Things turned the worst when one night Angie and Luu heard a loud noise from Dona's room, and when they went to check, they could not see anyone except Annabelle lying on the floor.

Luu again heard the same girl's laughter, and soon, he started to feel an intense pain on his chest. He and his girlfriend could not believe their eyes when they saw Luu having deep scratch marks on his chest, and blood flowing from those.

This is when Dona and Angie decided to call two paranormal investigators, who informed them that it is not a spirit of a small child, but a demon inside the doll, which was pretending to be a small girl. They also told them that the evil spirit's motive was to possess Dona's body.

The two paranormal investigators performed exorcism of the house, and took the doll along with them. After that, no such strange incidents happened with Dona, Angie and her boyfriend.

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