Anna Heinrich
Anna HeinrichAnna Heinrich Official Instagram (annaheinrich1)

Anna Heinrich seems to be going all out as an ambassador for Bras N Things. Reportedly, the former Bachelor star, 33, looks sensational in a promotional shoot for one of the brand's collections.

Anna posted a video to her Instagram which shows her having fun in gorgeous lingerie. She captioned the video by writing: 'LOVED stepping out of my comfort zone for @brasnthings newest collection #ENCHANTED.'

She added: 'It's luxe, feminine and a little bit sexy!!!'

The reality star was reportedly announced as a brand ambassador for Bras N Things back in October.

And at the time, the 33-year-old revealed that she would not have had the confidence to pose in lingerie just a few years ago.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph about posing for her first-ever lingerie shoot, the beauty confessed: 'I wouldn't have been able to do this two or three years ago.' 

Anna Heinrich
Anna HeinrichAnna Heinrich Official Instagram (annaheinrich1)

'But I feel like now I am more confident with who I am and I felt more relaxed, even though I was nervous going into it,' she added.

Anna looked gorgeous in the video and it looks like her unusual approach to meals has paid off. Anna's lingerie campaign comes after she revealed the secret to her slender figure is all down to skipping the most important meal of the day - breakfast.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Anna said: 'I eat my first meal around midday.'

She added that she keeps things simple when it comes to her diet, saying: 'I eat to fuel my body more than anything else.'

Anna Heimrich sure seems to be keeping busy making the Bras N Things campaign a success. You can check out the video here: