It's Weekend Ka Vaar time once and this time Salman Khan won't be hosting the weekend episodes. But Karan Johar has stepped in to host Weekend Ka Vaar episodes.

The new promo of the upcoming episode of 'Bigg Boss 17' featuring Karan Johar has been dropped online.

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Drama galore this weekend ka vaar

Karan Johar tells Abhishek that his reactions are often extreme. Abhishek stated that, "Sir aap kaha ki baat kaha leke jaa rahe hai." (Sir, you are taking the topic somewhere else.)

After this, Abhishek has a meltdown as he screams and howls in the house. He throws away the microphone. Isha Malviya and other housemates try to take away a bottle that he holds aggressively in his hands.

The new promo is captioned, "Abhishek aur Karan Johar ke beech hui garma garmi #ShukravaarKaVaar hone wala hai toofani (sic)."

It so happened that Arun Mashettey argued with Isha Malviya. Abhishek got involved in the argument and asked Arun to speak to Isha respectfully. The argument went overboard and turned into a massive fight. Arun and Abhishek's fight further irked Sunny Aryaa and he too got involved in the fight. In no time, the verbal fight turned physical.

Sunny Aryaa continued to showcase his rage and this time he grabbed Abhishek's neck in anger.

Watch the promo here:

In the upcoming episode, Karan Johar then lashes out at Mannara Chopra and tells her that the only thing she does in the show is to find validation for friendship but she never stands for her friends. Karan called her game a hypocrisy.

Karan then questions Ankita, "Did you take a step back because Munawar's priority is Mannara right now?" Responding to Karan's question, Ankita says, "My problem is that I am an emotional person," and Karan stops her there and says, "I am like this, I'm emotional, if I feel bad, I will say it on your face. We have only heard you say this, it can't be seen in your actions."