If there is one actor who is certainly reversing in age, it has to be Anil Kapoor. There is no dearth of roles for his 63-year-old actor who is churning out new and challenging roles with each of his films.

Anil Kapoor and Kunal Khemu's first look posters from Malang

Kapoor, who would soon be seen in Mohit Suri's Malang feels that at this stage in his career, he wants to be challenged and made uncomfortable.

Anil Kapoor's character choice

Talking about how he plays the role of a drug-user policeman in Malang and how he wanted to play the part which has been played by Kunal Kemmu, Kapoor told Mumbai Mirror, "I asked them if I could perhaps play Kunal's (Kemmu) part."

"While shooting, someone reminded me that I had snorted cocaine before everyone else, in Feroz Khan's Janbaaz (1986)."

"I want to do something out-of-the-box and progressive. Even if people don't connect with it today, they will in five years. Now I want to be uncomfortable, nervous and challenged," he added.

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Mohit regrets launching Kunal in Kalyug

There is no denying the fact that despite being a fabulous actor, Kunal Kemmu has not been able to make it big in the industry.

It was Mohit Suri who had launched Kunal in Kalyug, 15 years back and Mohit regrets his decision now.

Talking about the same to Mumbai Mirror, Mohit said, "Kunal Kemmu too, a much-underrated actor. I feel bad I launched him 15 years back in Kalyug when it was all about looks.

Genuine talent is being recognised today and Kunal can put any actor to shame. Adi and he were always in the film."

Further talking about other casts in the film, Mohit said, "We wanted a girl who is liked by all but not known to all.

"Disha has done small, likeable roles but no one really knows the girl. That's the enigma of her character too."

"She has a sweet face and a hot body and our film will also reveal a fab actor. For the bad guy, we wanted someone who's known as a hero, and that was Mr Kapoor. On the set, he was like a producer, co-director and an actor."