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The makers of Bollywood and Tollywood movies often arrange special premiere shows for celebrities, and for the first time in the history of Mollywood industry, a Malayalam film had a special screening in Kochi prior to its official release that has been scheduled for Friday (March 3). The upcoming movie Angamaly Diaries, starring as many as 86 newcomers, was screened at Pan Cinemas in Kochi for celebs and media on Wednesday, March 1.

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The grand show was watched by many Mollywood celebrities, who are all praise for the Lijo Jose Pellissery directorial, which has been scripted by actor Chemban Vinod Jose. Directors Lal Jose, VK Pakash, Boban Samuel, actors Asif Ali, Tovino Thomas, Saiju Kurup, Bineesh Kodiyeri, Joju George, Anusree, Ramya Nambeeshan, Sarayu Mohan, Sudhi Koppa, Jinu Joseph, Aparna Balamurali, Irshad, Chandini Sreedharan, Sunny Wayne, Anumol, Vineeth Kumar, Deepti Sati, and many others have praised the entire team for coming up with a realistic and different film. 

The premiere show was also attended by the cast and crew of Angamaly Diaries, which is said to be first-of-its-kind movie in Malayalam with an amazing filmmaking, cinematography and performances. "Superb raw filmmaking and every debutants have delivered a good performance in it. Every characters will remain in your mind for sure. Also, Chemban's scripting deserves a special mention," Saiju told reporters after watching Angamaly Diaries.

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"Very different genre, a realistic and raw filmmaking. Everyone in the film are newcomers, and that's unbelievable. Anyway all the best for the entire team," said Ramya. "Its a superb movie and will be the next hit in Malayalam," Anumol said. "Wonderful energetic movie. Its an experience about the place Angamaly. Please do watch in theatres," Aparna told reporters.

"After a long time I could watch a realistic movie. There are a lot of things to be experienced in the movie, including its breathtaking climax. Watch the movie in theatres for a beautiful experience," Sunny praised the team of Angamaly Diaries.

Check out what celebs have to say about Angamaly Diaries:

Anurag Kashyap

The team #angamalydiaries.. what an extraordinary film .. amazing Lijo Jose, Prashant Pillai , Vijay Babu , Girish and team . Thank you. Angamaly Diaries .. my film of the year so far


Happened to watch Angamaly Diaries and I'm impressed by the way the movie is made. Brilliant acting by every one and Kudos to the whole team and to Chemban Vinod Jose and Lijo Jose Pellissery

Prithviraj Sukumaran

"#AngamalyDiaries ... what a stunning piece of film making..what original writing..and the actors..all 86 of you..big welcome to the illustrious Malayalam film industry! Lijo Jose Pellissery..nothing..NOTHING to say..! Will look forward to working with you again buddy! Rock on!!

Nivin Pauly

Lijo Chetta.. Thank you for bringing to life everything that we have heard about Angamally! These characters will stay in my head for ages to come.. The casting, performances, story .. everything was so refreshing and real ....Loved every frame to bits. And that climax!! What a brilliant team effort!! A new Chapter in Malayalam Cinema will belong to you...
Congrats to the entire team of Angamaly Diaries. Adi Tamarikadana Kaalamayedee Theeyame, Cashinte kshamam Theernade Theeyame!!!

Raja Sen

‪Angamaly Diaries.
An adrenaline shot to the heart. Crackerjack stuff, can't wait to watch it again. Best Indian gangster film ever.‬


Midhun Manuel Thomas

Just out after watching Angamaly Diaries ..!! So energetic, very much realistic and highly refreshing coz this is something we get only after long waits..!! Terrific performances from all the artists especially the lead ones..a story from everyday lives of Angamaly written by Chemban Vinod Jose fantastically cinematographed by Girish Gangadharan and beautifully directed by Lijo chettan.. Vijay Babu and FFH deserve a big round of applause for taking up the production.. can book the tickets right away and you should coz you don't really want to miss this one..!!

Roopesh Peethambaran

Finally I saw Angamaly Diaries yesterday!! Stellar cast and crew!! Technically sleek!! Antony Varghese, mone gambeera thudakkam!! Girish Gangadharan, alliya Ni mass aada!! Shameer Muhammed, ugran edit!! Lijo Jose Pallisery, guru ve namaha Congratulations team, take a bow!!

Sunny Wayne

I know its too late for a review about a preview happened yesterday night - Angamali Diaries - Thank you Lijo and Vijay Babu for gifting this #katta local awesomeness to malayalam movie. Girish Gangadharan you rocks, Chemban Vinod Jose may the force be with you . And above all- heart stealing performance from the actors!!! "Angamali Diaries "is roller coster of a movie.once its get started,there is no slowing down !Kudos to the whole team... (y)

Karthik Subbaraj

Wow!! #AngamalyDiaries is SUPER FANTASTIC..Writing, Performances & Filmmaking Crafts at its BEST..Hats off Lijo Jose Pellisery & team

Chandini Sreedharan

Just got home from the premiere of Angamaly Diaries!! Really loved the movie!! A completely different attempt by Lijo Jose Pellissery, Vijay Babu & Chemban Vinod Jose. Although a cast filled with newcomers, all the actors excelled at being naturals. Especially Antony Varghese, who has definitely made a mark & has caught my attention. His subtle yet powerful acting could really take him far. Lastly, Girish Gangadharan, that climax sequence- loved the way it was shot!! Wish the whole cast & crew the very best!! (PS- Stephy Xavior, your costumes were awesome!! ) #AngamalyDiaries

Basil Joseph

Got an opportunity to watch the preview of Lijo Jose Pelliserrys Angamaly Diaries. Spellbound at the hardwork and soul put into the film by the entire team of actors and technicians. This is indeed a film to be proud of. Salute. Congrats Vijay Babu,Girish Gangadharan,Chemban Vinod Jose and crew

Aparna Balamurali

Angane kathirippinu shesham 'angamaly diaries' njanum kandu. Wasn't just a movie. I had the excitement of knowing and exploring something new. The amazing making and the very natural acting takes the movie to next level. A must watch :) #kattalocal

Vineeth Sreenivasan

Best wishes for the team of Oru Mexican Aparatha and Angamaly Diaries.. There are so many new people involved in these two films.. All the youngsters out there, pls go watch and encourage new experiments in Malayalam Cinema.. And while u r at it, send ur family to watch Aby.. Have a great weekend everyone

Sarayu Mohan

Back home after the premier show of Angamaly an Avid movie lover this one made me so happy and satisfied....Captain Lijo Jose Pellissery u are such an inspiration...Girish Gangadharan am amazed with the climax sequence....the movie is packed with new faces...but all of them performed with such an ease...especially the lead ones...Anthony...long way to go man..and my dear Vijay babu...I really appreciate the effort u took...such a brave step...u once again made clear about ur stance for good movies...Congrats whole team...

Vineeth Mohan

Saw Angamaly Diaries preview yesterday, and it has been almost 15 hours since I watched, but the movie is still haunting me. Till yesterday I thought that Kammattipadam was the most realistic movie I have seen so far, but would now like to correct it for Angamaly diaries. The main USP of the movie is the brilliant making from LIJO JOSE PELLISSERY and scintillating performance from the artist, especially the lead ANTONY VARGHESE and my favourite APPANI RAVI (Watch out for this guy, he is gonna make big in the industry ✌️✌️.....) and the last 11 min single shot CLIMAX , will give goosebumps to your seat as well . And last but not the least to my sir Vijay Babu sir for your bold attempt to make such a movie which comes under a new set of genre, I don't know what to name it, but it was such a whole new experience for me. (Thank you for introducing a new set of genre for Malayalam film industry ). This is for the first time I am writing a review for a movie, because I just can't resist myself from writing, such was the experience

Rojin Thomas 

Watched Angamali Diaries' premeir show Yesterday.
Still the characters are haunting me.
Before the interval punch audience can hear the breathing sounds of each other.
A Brave Experiment from the Director Lijo Jose Pallisery . Especially You're gonna love by the way he blends the songs into his narrative.
Filmed crisply, without any gimmicks by Gireesh Gangadharan.Hatsoff him for the climax shot.
A big thumbs-up for Producer Vijay sir for this Brave Attempt of film making with 86 new faces.
Performances form are the core of the movie.
Antony is simply astounding.
I dont want to spoil the moments that will make your blood rush to your heart!
Experience it in cinemas tomorrow. :)

C.V. Sarathi

Saw Angamaly Diaries..Am neither a prophet nor a soothsayer to predict the success of a film but i believe a film became successful when everyone in the crew from the production boy to hero wholeheartedly prays for it and happily works&puts his best efforts in it as a team to ensure it is good, till the end and am glad that i have seen it..the whole crew was there.. Happy.. The film is gritty, raw and bursting with energy.. It is as realistic as it can be.. Prashanth Pillai, you are our Amit thrivedi.. Chemban Vinod Jose.. Great piece of writing and perfect dialogues.. .Vijay Babu.. I appluad your courage and guts to make this film.. You just gave wings to the dreams of so many talented new directors out there who is running from pillars to post for artist's dates.. If this works their dreams can fly.. Technical department in a film succeeds when a viewer doesn't realise it is created.. Stephy Xavior I have tried hard to remember the Colour of Pepe's shirt in the last fight and i still can't.. Becoz your costumes were so realistic, it blended in with the surroundings and character's natural habitat..May be this is one of your best works.. Not even single dress was flashy or out of place... CG,production design and Make up.. I don't know the technicians but you all did your job perfectly.. Girish Gangadharan.. This is your best work n the single shots...and if you have really carried the gimbal...You just entered the hall of fame.. Editor, Sir, i don't know you but amazing cuts.. And you have ensured and retained the hard work and effort of other technicians too..and the 86 new artists.. Nothing more too say.. This small note has already turned out into an essay..all of them had done well.. Antony varghese.. The girl who did lichy character, sakhi, Pork Varkey..his fiancee, kunjootan, 10ml jose.. It is mighty difficult to pick n choose each n every character.. But if am forced to.. Then the guy who did Aplani Ravi.. Man, you lit up the screen with your energy.. Your small structure n your are going to go a long way and you have amazing screen presence.. You reminded me of Bhiku Mathre..And last but not least, the captain of the ship.. Lijo Jose Pellissery.. Take a have created a landmark film where each n every department n artists are synchronised perfectly in harmony.. This is not a reveiw.. Neither it is words of praise.. But if films like this works, people will have the guts to think differently.. So all of you out there..i don't know whether you may like it or not,this is my opinion n you may differ.. that is each n everyone's perception but if you don't watch this and makes this a success, it will be mighty difficult for people to dream n think of doing things differently....then you all please don't lament later that no one is trying anything different..