Amid the flurry of rumours regarding Google's Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, the yet-to-be released operating system version was reportedly spotted running on the Nexus 4 smartphone.

Google+ user Jeff Williams, who had recently purchased a Nexus 4 smartphone from a Google employee, was surprised when he saw the handset running on Android 4.3 Operating System with the same build number JWR66N seen on  Galaxy S4 GPE. With the help of some experts Williams managed to get a system dump and confirmed the build to be legitimate. This pre-release build version apparently lacked a radio and bootloader.

"The build is currently in TWRP backup format so you'll need to ensure you have the custom recovery installed, push the files to your TWRP backup directory on /sdcard and then restore," noted technology website Modaco who spotted the pre-release build version of the OS for Nexus 4.

According to reports, the Android 4.3 version is likely to become a reality in the next couple of days. Besides Nexus 4, the build version was also spotted in many other devices including on Google Play on a Samsung Galaxy S4 handset. It was also spotted before Google's I/O event.

The search engine and software giant is expected to announce the next generation operating system at a press event in San Francisco on 24 July.