A 67-item Andhra Five-course Lunch for her Visiting Son-in-Law
A 67-item Andhra five-course lunch for a visiting son-in-law.Screen Shot

A son-in-law is treated like a prince in many parts of India. Every member of the family tries to make him comfortable when he visits their home. Well, here is an enthusiastic woman who has crossed all the limits by prepping up to give a royal welcome to the husband of her daughter.

On any day, great food will make a man happy and this lady seems to be knowing it. So, she has prepared a meal for her visiting son-in-law by coming up with a 67-item five-course meal.

Yes, it consists of a welcome drink, starters, main course, deserts and chat. The woman has indicated that she prepared everything at home with available items.


Cake with china grass, mint juice, cutlet, cucumber role, gobi 62, baby corn 65, baby corn pepper, bajji, Salt, 2 sweet pickles, two spicy pickles, Rasam, sambar, and other similar dishes from different cuisines three types of curries, Jackfruit, Mango and Banana dipped in honey, Bobbatlu (malpua), laddu, ragi laddu, china grass sweet, palakova, mango sweet, and four more sweets, Pulihora, pongal, steamed rice, Sev puri, dahi chaat, roasted nuts chat, tomato chat, Marie biscuit sandwich and a few other items.

The video has now gone viral on social media sites.

Netizens react

This clip has met with a mixed response. Firstly, many had taken this on a lighter note. They call her son-in-law a lucky man and some wondered whether he could finish the meal in one day.

However, a section of people is not happy to see a son-in-law getting such treatment, a symbol of patriarchy.