80-year-old ailing woman named Krishnamma
80-year-old ailing woman named KrishnammaTwitter

The Telangana Police have reunited an 80-year-old ailing woman with her family. Her son and daughter-in-law had reportedly dumped her on the roadside after snatching Rs 20,000 that she earned from begging.

An 80-year-old woman named Krishnamma, who hailed from Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, was living in Annojiguda of Medchal district. She has two sons and two daughters, but none took care of her. She survived on begging and had saved around Rs 20,000 from it. She went to her son's place at Nacharam on Hyderabad outskirts after fell sick and faced difficulty in breathing last week.

Her son and daughter-in-law, who promised to take her to the hospital, took her in an auto but stopped midway to dump her. "I gave them the money I saved. They took me in an auto. When they were diverting the auto route, I questioned them. They said we will go this way and dumped me here (at Bhongir bus station)," Mumbai Mirror quoted Krishnamma telling the locals.

She was suffering from asthmatic symptoms

After they dumped her at the Bhongir bus station, Krishnamma stayed at the local tea stall for three days. Local people were moved by the plight of the old woman, who was suffering from asthmatic symptoms. Along with the police's help, they shifted her to Bhongir government hospital on Monday.

The Bhongir police summoned her son and family members. Her grandsons attended the counseling. The grandsons got her discharged from hospital and took her home. Her grandsons gave an undertaking to the police that they would take care of her well.

"The woman has hearing problem. She interacted with her grandsons and was happy to go home on our assurance that she would be well taken care of," Bhongir police inspector A Sudhakar told Mirror.

However, the video featuring the old woman staying at the Bhongir bus station made it to the social media and created a lot of buzz. Many people on Twitter condemned Krishnamma's son and daughter-in-law and asked, how can they be so heartless and inhumane towards their parents?

Saurabh Deshpande @SauryaD97

How can anyone do such thing to a person who gave you birth..who brought you in this world..and they should be treated like this?? is there even 1% humanity left in that guy who abandoned his own mother..totally heartless and shameless act by her son..

Ritika Upadhya @ritika_upadhya

How Can People Stoop So Low...   Humanity Is Dying In This World.... People Are So Heartless !

Niyati @NiacinDoc

Terrible. Such ppl need to be punished badly. Hope this lady can get accommodated in an old age home @HelpAgeIndia_

Becalm @becalm_notdumb

Why/how could people do this to their parents!! Our Parents in Asia put their heart & soul only for their child till 30's/ beyond but they abandon them saying "they couldn't take are" We better westernize - move out at 18 and tc of yourself Let them live for themselves