Prithviraj starrer "Anarkali", which is the directorial debut of Sachi, was released on Friday, 13 November.

The Malayalam movie has opened to positive reviews from critics as well as film-goers.

Besides Prithviraj, the film also has Miya George, Priyal Gor, Biju Menon, Sudev Nair, Kabir Bedi and Samskruthy Shenoy in the cast.

The film is produced by Rajeev Nair under the banner of Magic Moon Productions.

Below is the review round-up of 'Anarkali' movie by various critics:

Mollywood Times

Anarkkali is Prithviraj's as it is Sachi's. The actor looks stunning, loving, and furious at the same time. He seems to have garnered a lot of energy and confidence from the back-to-back box office performances of ENM (Ennu Ninte Moideen) and AAA (Amar Akbar Anthony). He radiates emotions on every move on screen and steals the show with outstanding screen presence and performance.

Sujith Vasudev's camera goes really thirsty when capturing the scenic beauty the island and makes Anarkkali one of the beautifully canned movies of the year. Vidyasagar underlines emotional shadow play of the move with his haunting music. Anarkkali capable of gifting Prithviraj the much expected box office hat-trick and the viewers can have a real treat for their eyes.

Verdict: Anarkkali, a roaring ocean of love, revenge, and friendship.

Onlookers Media

Miya George and Priyal Gore who played female leads in the film had done a matured job And Priyal gore had made her debut here with a good performance. And other actors like Kabir Bedi who played the father of Nadira, Sudev Nair, Renji Panicker, Suresh Krishna, Samskrithi Shenoy etc also done very well. Directors like Major Ravi, Shyama Prasad, Madhupal, VK Prakash also done a part in this film as actors and they too showed us that they can convincingly as well. Mahupal and Major Ravi had shown this long back and many times before.

Verdict: Anarkali is just a onetime watchable feel good flick.


Popular scenarist Sachi makes a fantastic directorial debut with the movie. The director, who has also scripted the movie, has managed to depict the intense love story between a Malayali man and a North Indian girl in its complete glory. Sachi has wisely chosen his actors and made use of their talents to the fullest. The only minus point is the lengthy second half, which will give an impression that the writer is struggling to conclude the story. But the heart-melting climax manages to conceal the flaws.

The songs and background score are composed by popular musician Vidyasagar and the lyrics, penned by producer Rajeev Nair. The music brings out the soul of the movie and makes the intense love story even more beautiful.

Verdict: A love story beyond the barriers of time, language, and distance. A must watch.

Lensmen Reviews

Towards the climax, there is this impeccable performance of Biju Menon in the movie Anarkali that will surely make you laugh out loud because of the comedy timing the actor shows. Even after having the aid of some superb technical backup, Anarkali from Sachy can't really establish itself as an eternal tale. With equal weightage for highs and lows in the overall output, Anarkali is pretty much an average cinema.

On the whole Anarkali is a mixed bag. You have the beautiful visuals of Lakshadweep, the bubbly Priyal Gor and a hilarious Biju Menon on one side. On the other side there is this predictable melodrama, lingering sentiments and shallow romance.

Verdict: Anarkali is a mixed bag. It is better than London Bridge but is far away from something like Ennu Ninte Moideen.