Prithviraj Sukumaran and Biju Menon's latest film "Anarkali" was released in Kerala, Benguluru and Tamil Nadu on Friday, 13 November.

The film is the debut directorial venture of Sachy of script writers Sachy-Sethu duo and has Miya George, Priyal Gor, Sudev Nair, Biju Menon, Samskruthy Shenoy and Kabir Bedi in pivotal roles.

While Prithviraj will be seen as Sub Lieutenant Shantanu, Biju plays the role of Lieutenant Zacharia. 

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The film has been produced by Rajeev Nair under the banner of Magic Moon Productions and it is expected to be a visual treat as it is mostly shot in Lakshadweep.

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From the initials responses from the social media users, it is understood that "Anarkali" is an entertaining love story.

5 Reasons to watch "Anarkali"

If "Anarkali" makes a mark at the Kerala box office, it will be Prithviraj's third hit film after blockbusters "Ennu Ninte Moideen" and "Amar Akbar Anthony", which are still running successfully in theatres.

Check out live audience updates below:

Tennyson Thomas 

Anarkali - Movie is powered by great performances & stunning visuals, as the movie makes a very strong impact throughout its run. ‪#‎Anarkali‬ has‪#‎Prithviraj‬ doing an amazing job again, & ‪#‎BijuMenon‬ steals the show with his unparalleled comic timing. It is a romantic love story with effective elements of humour & also provides a powerful emotional side. The three female characters are very well-portrayed, & the movie can boast of bringing the ‪#‎truelove‬ elements back to contemporary resplendence. As sea becomes the metaphor for separation, the ideas of waiting & sacrifice gets full commendation.

Ajmal Esmail

‪#‎Anarkali‬ another eternal love saga from Prithviraj Sukumaran Priyal Gor's ‪#‎Nadira‬ stole my heart. Dear Expecting more malayalam movies from you... Bijumenon steal the show, after ‪#‎vellimoonga‬ ‪#‎Bijumenon‬'s remarkable charector in this film. Comedy scenes are really worked well.Miya George jus awesome, very happy to see this propensities malayalam top heroines doing supporting charectors. I'm very happy about that. There is no loopholes to criticize this movie. Well written script, Each and every scenes we enjoyed alot, thanks ‪#‎sachi‬ gave us a wonderful fun filled extravaganza... Rajeev Nair you can be proud as a producer of this movie...

Rohan Naushad 

Anarkali - Beauty of kavarathi, Cinematography &Bgm heart emoticon
Prithviraj with another decent performance. Suresh Krishna, miya & the other girl were good. But star of the movie was someone else. Yes, Mr. Biju Menon, Ningal vere level aanu bhai... Paisa vasool

Red Carpet Ent.

#Anarkali review - Cinematography handled with rich frames & explored Lakshadeep to another level. Sujith Vasudev done his best. Vidyasagar at his best & proved again as melody king. Music blends with the soul of the movie. Sachy,one of the well known script writer made his debut as director & marks hit. 3.5/5

Harikumar M ‏

#Anarkali Prithvi BijuMenon's Comedy worked out Cinematography Kiduu Direction Good Too Many Songs Predictable climax Rating 3.5/5

Vijay Maadhhav

Prithviraj is on the Track.."Anarkali" A feel good romantic love story..Hattrick for Prithviraj Sukumaran... Good work by Priyal Gor,Biju Menon,Miya and of course Sachy and Sujith Vasudev.

Sarath Radhakrishnan ‏

#Anarkali first half :Stunning visuals, superb chemistry btw #prithviraj and @PriyalGor! Suspense on interval! Good!  Even though second half is long, biju menon's comedy and good climax will make you the film a good and satisfied watch! cinematography is excellent, particularly the aerial shots! @PrithviOfficial continuing his brilliant choice of scripts!

Joyal Bright

watched @ Anarkali movie

Visually beautiful n above avg romantic film--Prithvi done nicely,Heroine looks Gorgeous- - Old story Executed Beautifully. i like it


Watched #Anarkali A Feel Good Romantic Love Story ! Go for It ! rating : 3.5/5 #prithvirajsukumaran

Ananthu N Muthuzz

Watched Anarkali - Movie ..Awesome movie .. With kiduzzz visuals .. Brilliant direction .. Hattrck for rajuvettan ..

Vishnu Udayan

Anarkali is a beautiful heart whelming love story with breathtaking visuals - yet again - from Sujith Vassudev. Watch this for many reasons, one of the prime being Suresh Krishna's career best performance. Priyal Gor is so beautiful and charming that she will surely be a sensation after Isha Talwar with the thattam. (I just realized that she did the role of Isha in the Telugu remake of Thattathin Marayath.) Biju Menon, what a star you are! What an actor you are! Shanthanu was not at all challenging for Prithviraj's caliber. Kabir Bedi, Sudev Nair, Miya George and Samskruthy Shenoy eased into their characters. Major Ravi's final dialogue is worth a mention.
Being a musical film, the director could have turned to any of the new music directors but he chose the kind of melodies, Vidyasagar, who set the tune and tone for the film with beautiful - absolutely beautiful - songs and Background score.
I don't mind going for Anarkali one more time for the story, for Suresh Krishna, for the songs and for the visuals.

Julin Abraham Joseph 

Prithviraj is on the track, ‪#‎anarkali‬ another superb movie by prithviraj


Watched #ANARKALI Mind-B L O W I N G! Super funny, Slick treatment & unbelievable fresh cast.Just 4 the way its edited&scored I wanna rewatch


Anarkkali, a roaring ocean of love, revenge, and friendshipScreenwriter Sachi's directorial debut Anarkkali turns out...

Posted by Jayaraj Nair on Friday, November 13, 2015

Jaison Jyothi

Anarkali(2.5.5/5):Everything was fine till the interval.Smart writing,Matured direction,Good one liners and yes impressive perfomances..But the second half couldn't create the emotional qyotionts towards the charectors and ended up with all the cliches that have been following by ths genre..Same DDLJ kind of father charector realisations and let his daughter to live with her loved one decision climax scene too was predctlble and 1000 repeated cliche ..

Nb:It may be a prithviraj starrer but for me the performer was biju menon..last 15 min comedy scene were brilliantly performed by the actor..timing was excellent...Overall a watchble stuff


"Anarkali" A feel good romantic love story..Hattrick for Prithvi rajuettan rocksCinematography handled with rich frames...

Posted by Anandhu Vidyadaran on Friday, November 13, 2015

Sree Raj


¤ script writer sachi ude first direction great

¤ great hat's off ‪#‎Sujith_Vasudev‬ sir lakshadeepine athrek beauty aaki kaanichittund

¤ background score oru rakshayumilla superb also song's ‪#‎Vidhya_Sagar‬come back

¤ biju menon prithviraj combo scense powlichaduki

¤ miya George doctor role kalakki kaiadi nediya character

¤ heroin priya outstanding performance

¤ biju menon mind blowing comedy presentation

¤ oru new generation moidheen aanu Anarkali

¤ real love ishdapedunnavarkku Anarkali urapayum ishdapedum

My Rating 3.4/5 ( personally )

JoJu M VinNy 

 as the name says a symbol of true love.
Again an entertaineer from prathviraj
Biju menon
The whole crew

Nelson Chacko 

A visual treat

Malayalam Review 

#AnarkaliBeautiful Love Story With Fabulous Visuals and Songs

Good Script and Direction

Good Perfo By Prithviraj and Priyal 3/5 Hit


‪#‎Anarkali‬!! A True & Pure ‪#‎Love‬ Story!!! ‪#‎Rating‬ : 3.8/5!!! ‪#‎Confirmed‬Hattrick ‪#‎Blockbuster‬!! Don't Miss It

Jayaraj Nair


1st half super Comedy and DOP

Interval punch kidilan.
Climax Super

HATTRICK for Prithviraj .............


After the back to back blockbusters Prithviraj is again on Big screens with Sachy's Anarkali.Yes Sachy had been done a...

Posted by ലിയോ ഡേവിഡ് on Friday, November 13, 2015

Jithu S Nair

Anarkali Superb Movie Prithviraj Hattrick Hit

Geordy Zachariah

Watchable one.. Pinnae specially mentioning ‪#‎Bijumenon‬. Ningal verae level aanu.. 


#Anarkali 3.5/5 Veendum Hit Prithvi rocks

Ainesh Zacharias

Watched Anarkali
A sweet Romantic Movie Which has got a hilarious Climax
Another Superhit Confirmed

Badarinath Attingal 


A True & Pure Love Story!!!

Rating : 3.7/5!!!

Confirmed Hattrick Blockbuster!!

Don't Miss It

Fasil Fasi Jr.

Watched ‪#‎Anarkali‬ . My rating : 3.5/5

Arun Arun

‪#‎Anarkali‬ 1'st Finished..

The film based On a true  Story..
Bijumenon Acting was to good

First Half Finished wth A Great Suspence

‪#‎Anarkali‬ Pranayathine Mattoru Meaning Athe aane Ee Prithiv Chithram

Moideenea polea Ee chithrathathillum Oru Mikacha Abhinayam Kaazhicha vechu Prithiv

Bijumenon Entea ponnea Heavy  

JiThin Aadhi SurYa

‪#‎Anarkali‬ Firsthalf 3/5 

#‎Suspance‬ Intermission

Superb movie 

Heart touching climax

Hatrik Hit Of ‪#‎Prithvi‬ 

Pramod Premraj

Anarkali Awsome First Half

‪#‎Waiting‬ For Second Half

Martin Varghese Jnr

Romantic story...

Thrilling firsthalf
Going to be a suspense thriller in 2nd half