Amulya Leona, the 19-year-old teen became the talk of the entire nation after her pro-Pakistan remark during an anti-CAA-NRC protest in Bengaluru on Thursday. After a video of her chanting "Pakistan zindabad" went viral on social media and news channels, people have been protesting against her actions and politicians have condemned the behavior.

Amulya has been booked under Section 124A (sedition), 153A and B (promoting enmity between different groups and imputations, assertions prejudicial to national integration) and she will be produced before a judicial magistrate as soon as the formalities are completed. In the meantime, Amulya's actions have struck terror on her family.

Terror strikes on Amulya's family

Father of student-activist Amulya, Wazi Noronha, has condemned his daughter's actions. But Noronha is facing the consequences of Amulya's actions as he said that he is living in fear in Koppa town of Chikkamagaluru district, The Hindu reported.

Amulya Leona
The Bengaluru Police are expected to interrogate Amulya Leona following which she will also be produced before a court.Twitter

In an interview with the paper, Noronha said that a group of people threw stones on their house on Thursday night, damaged the window panes and doors of his house. After filing a complaint with the police, three officers have been stationed for security at his house in Gubbagudde village in Koppa.

Deccan Chronicle's video of a discussion between Amulya's father and some Bajrang Dal activists, who questioned Noronha over her daughter's actions, has been making the rounds. Responding to those activists, Noronha constantly opposed Amulya's actions and one point he even said that he won't let her come back when asked if he would let her come back to the house. Then, the activists ask the father to raise "Bharat mata ki jai" slogans.

'Let her rot in jail'

Amulya Leona
Amulya LeonaFacebook photo section

Noronha has disapproved of the statements made by Amulya and also called for an investigation into what prompted her to make such a statement. "We have been telling her not to take part in any protests, but concentrate on studies. But she refused to listen to us. Now she has made a statement that nobody can accept. Let the law takes its course," he said.

"Let my daughter rot in jail. Let the police break her legs. I have no objection. She has caused so much misery to my family," Noronha was quoted as saying by News18.