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Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV's Telugu movie Amma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Biddalu (ARKB), starring Ajmal Ameer, Dhananjay Prabhune, Ali and Brahmanandam, has got mixed review and rating by audience.

Amma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Biddalu is a controversial political thriller film and director Ram Gopal Varma has written the script and dialogues in collaboration with Karun Venkat. The movie, which has been jointly produced by Tiger Production and Ajay Mysore Productions, has received a U/A certificate and its runtime is 2.13 hours.

Amma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Biddalu story: The movie begins with the assembly election campaigns in Andhra Pradesh. VS Jagannatha Reddy's party wins 151 seats and forms the government in the state. Having won 23 seats, Velugu Desham Party's chief is trying to bring down the government. On the other hand, the ruling party tries to move the capital city to Vijayawada. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Performances: Ajmal Ameer and Dhananjay Prabhune, who have played two top political leaders, have delivered decent performances, which are the highlights of Amma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Biddalu. Ali, Dheeraj Brahmanandam, Mahesh Kathi, Swapna, Dhanraj, Prudhvi Raj and Jaffar Babu have also done justice to their roles and are assets of the movie, says the audience.

Technical: Amma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Biddalu has good production values and music. Picturisation, dialogues and art direction are the attractions on the technical front, added the viewers.

Amma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Biddalu review live updates: We bring you some viewers' response to the film shared on Twitter. Scroll down to see the audience's tweet review:

Amma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Biddalu
Amma Rajyam Lo Kadapa BiddaluTwitter

Raj kumar @kraj6512

Kamma RajyamLo Kadapa Reddlu. Sorry.... #AmmaRajyamloKadapaBiddalu is an Outstanding Political Satirical Humor. A Black Comedy Movie. The Final Lines of RGV is Ultimate. @RGVzoomin introduced a New Genre Film to the Tollywood. I'm Proud of Him to be in the Film Industry.

Viswanath Viswanath @viswanath_vis

Watching #AmmaRajyamloKadapaBiddalu in a Kurnool theatre. The hall is packed but nobody is reacting to a single comedy scene. Audience are growing tired.

Cinema News and updates @SureshKonatham2

#AmmaRajyamloKadapaBiddalu movie review 0.5/5 One of the worst movie from @RGVzoomin. Completely boring, waste movie Maximum 1day movie in Nizam and 2 days movie in Andhrapradesh. One of the worst movie in Tollywood 2019 Boxoffice.

Chandu Csr @chandukoppula

#AmmaRajyamloKadapaBiddalu Not that great movie but can watch for few laughs here and there.. Those who take small political jokes too seriously may avoid this.. Specially PK & Babu Fans.. I just felt like 2hr RGV debate on the TV channel #AmmaRajyamloKadapaBiddalu People who like laughing for political satires, watching debates in TV channels, rgv YouTube thug life videos can definitely watch this for few laughs

T.L.Kumar @KumarTL

Watched da movie. A new trend in Telugu movies wit a satarical comedy throughout da film. Climax is pretty different exposing da reality of politics. Tdp n pk fans may b spreading negative but if u r a genuine cinema lover go 4 it.. U wil enjoy! #AmmaRajyamloKadapaBiddalu

Uday Raj @udayraj_1

#AmmaRajyamloKadapaBiddalu Barring those comedy emulations, movie is a kankar rod. It has no story @RGVzoomin had a good idea as always but failed miserably with d execution.Lokesh, PK, KA Paul characters were successfully brutally assassinated. #KammaRajyamloKadapaReddlu #KRKR

Tirupati Box Office ↗️ @TirupatiBoxOffc

Moderate Positive Talk For #AmmaRajyamloKadapaBiddalu And What We Feel Is Pretty Good Fun Loaded Fictional Movie #TptBoxOffc Rating 3/5 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Background Score Was Ultimate And @RGVzoomin's Vocal Is Good #YSJagan #ChandrababuNaidu #KaPaul #Pawanakalyan

Akhileeyyy @iamkrzzykomal

#AmmaRajyamloKadapaBiddalu Strictly Average Film Good 1st Half with Realistic Scenes Average 2nd Half with Fictional Screenplay Climax twist is Too good #KammaRajyamloKadapaReddlu

Ramesh @ramesh_oram

West of money west of's completely fake story.RGV thinks jagun is hearo others or fools..evaru money isthe vallanu hearo chesi's completely targeting & degrading other politicians. Rating .00000/5 #AmmaRajyamloKadapaBiddalu

Ganesh Ravuri @ganeshravuri

What if political trolls write a movie script and meme makers direct it? #AmmaRajyamloKadapaBiddalu is a joke on the audience. My sympathies to all those who paid money to watch this pointless piece of garbage.

Harish varma @harish_jaganism

Ababbab abababababab keka kekaaaa guru movie RGV NV thopuuuuuuuuu 1st half #AmmaRajyamloKadapaBiddalu #RGV #APCMYSJagan @RGVzoomin

Salman Khan @salmandotnetpro

Amma Rajyam lo Kadapa Biddalu is a Serious Comedy Entertainment film #krkr sorry #arkb


Technically not a great film but it still entertains. First half is good whereas second half is bit lagging. The direct take on many real life characters will give you few laughs. Overall one time watchable. #AmmaRajyamloKadapaBiddalu #ARKB #RGV @RGVzoomin #RGV delivers comparably a better film than his recent outings. His daring attempt deserves an applause. The #PawanKalyan & #KAPaul versions provide us plenty of laughs. I guess audience are enjoying RGV's movie after a long time. #AmmaRajyamloKadapaBiddalu #ARKB

Telugu Bulletin @TeluguBulletin

Live Updates: #AmmaRajyamLoKadapaBiddalu FDFS First Half Report: #ARKB is a replica of the ongoing political issues of Andhra Pradesh. Pappu song is hilarious to watch on the screen. The actor who played China Babu's role evokes good laughs with his expressions.

₱R£DÂTØR @Balupbrs

Interval aindhi. #ammarajyamlokadapabiddalu Jagan ni thappa andarni comedy chesaadu @RGVzoomin Pappu comedy >> cbn comedy > pk comedy

Vinay @Coolest_Vinay

First half - parledu easy ga chudachu Konni goosebumps scenes unnai Starting 15mins super Interval lo Uma ni chame scene ah bgm matram adhiripoiedhi Pawan ni 3 times chupincharu (bajana bgm) Lokesh ni full ga troll chesadu #AmmaRajyamloKadapaBiddalu Pawan chaduvutuna book ni reverse ga chupinchatam Lokesh ni troll cheyataniki oka song Ma babu pappu Assembly lo cbn jagan ni chustunapudu #AmmaRajyamloKadapaBiddalu Taking lo matram RGV thopu Starting 15mins Interval scene Super ga tisadu #AmmaRajyamloKadapaBiddalu