Amid political controversy over the announcement of the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Jammu and Kashmir Hirdesh Kumar Singh to allow non-locals to cast votes in the coming assembly elections, Pakistan-based terror mentors have asked terrorist groups to intensify attacks on the non-locals.

An infamous online blog "" has posted a highly controversial post in which terror groups are asked to intensify attacks on non-local Kashmiris.

Through this blog, Pakistan-based terror mentors have asked terrorists to intensify attacks on non-local Kashmiris including employees, businessmen, labourers, tourists, beggers, para-military forces, personnel of the Jammu and Kashmir Police, and others.

Two Pak nationals among three terrorists killed in twin encounters in Kashmir

The infamous blog is an 'intimidation factory' of white-collar terrorists

In July 2021, the Jammu and Kashmir Police had busted a white-collar terrorist module after arresting five persons.

This module was behind issuing threats to social activists, politicians, bureaucrats, government officers, and journalists, under the direction of their mentors, sitting in Pakistan.

Srinagar terror attack J&K army

According to police, was being run by a white-collar terrorist syndicate whose task was to prepare a strategic hit list of government officers, journalists, social activists, lawyers, and political functionaries who were assessed by the syndicate to be responsible for harming the overarching objectives of furthering and sustaining the Pakistani supported terrorist programme with the eventual aim of secession of Jammu and Kashmir from the Indian Union and its eventual annexation with Pakistan.

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According to police the blog site had designed a modus operandi wherein the name of the victim was first published, he was profiled giving a detailed justification as to how and why he is a legitimate target for the terrorists, and subsequently his actual execution by the terrorists.

J&K Govt

Any Indian 'ordinarily residing' at a place eligible to vote there: J&K Govt

Amid controversy over the inclusion of outside voters in Jammu and Kashmir electoral rolls, the J&K Government on Thursday cited rules to assert that any citizen of India who has attained the qualifying age and is "ordinarily residing" at a place is eligible to get registered as a voter.
"With the abrogation of Article 370 and applicability of Representation of the People Act 1950 and 1951, any citizen of India who has attained the qualifying age and 'ordinarily residing' at a place is eligible to get registered in the electoral roll of that place, if not disqualified otherwise," a senior government official said.

The official said before the abrogation of Article 370, the electoral assembly rolls in Jammu and Kashmir were made under the ambit of the Jammu and Kashmir Representation of People Act 1957, wherein only permanent residents were eligible to get registered in the assembly rolls and possessed consequential voting rights in assembly elections.

The official said it is in this context, that the media was briefed that any person who fulfills the requirements of registration and is ordinarily residing in the Union Territory (owing to any reasons such as profession, studies, posting, etc), can get registered in the electoral rolls of Jammu and Kashmir.