The game of overpricing continues across the country even when the government and officials reiterate the need for selling the commodities at affordable prices. The lockdown days have badly hit the public life and most of the daily wage earners find no way to earn their bread in this crisis.

city magistrate arrests shopkeepers
city magistrate arrests shopkeepers

But the canny profit-minded shopkeepers don't seem to budge in the move of co-operating with the lower class and the government orders.

Sting operations in Gonda

In a surprising yet hilarious raid by the Chief Magistrate of Gonda district in Uttar Pradesh, Vandana Tripathi, arrests the shopkeeper who was taking advantage of the lockdown by charging high prices to the essential items.

The video that shows the DM arguing with the shopkeeper on the prices of the commodities, dressed as a usual customer is already winning hearts of the netizens. Comments load under the post appreciating the woman officer for her brave, surprising act of raiding such shops that in fact cheats the laymen in a period of deep crisis.

City magistrate further said that the sting operations will be carried out continuously by the administration, under which strict action against those in black marketing will be imposed.


Sting done on DM's instructions

City Magistrate Vandana Tripathi reached the shop beginning the campaign based on the complaints she received regarding the sale of essential commodities, including food items. Many shopkeepers were taking advantage of the lockdown period and sold things at a price more than one fixed by the government.

Magistrate expands the search

The Magistrate along with SDM Sadar Lal Bahadur Yadav, City Magistrate Vandana Trivedi and CO City Laxmikant Gautam came to a shop in Gonda, all dressed in plain clothes.

The video shows a 'woman' arguing with the shopkeeper for the high prices on dal. The storekeeper was not ready to negotiate the price or to give it in the amount as prescribed by the government. One can hear the man saying that the price is the same for anyone who is approaching to buy things.

The lady says that her husband is ill and that they have no means to pay such high amounts for the essential items. Yet, the shopkeeper remains unperturbed in her woes.


After leaving the shop buying things in the said amount, the Magistrate then comes with the officers to arrest the shopkeeper and his staff for the immoral acts.

In her further sting operations, the City magistrate sealed a warehouse and arrested six people from three other shops.

Watch the shopkeepers arrested by the DM