The America's Got Talent (AGT 2015) Season 10 semi-finals 2 live performance on Tuesday was good with the last 11 acts hitting the stage in the hope of progressing to the finals. It was a fun-filled episode with one of the acts joking about Mel B's boobs to ladder crashing that forced a contestant to stop his act mid-way.

America's Got Talent Semi-Finals 2 Recap:

3 Shades of Blue: The rock band performed AWOLNATION's "Sail". It was a good performance but their previous act seems to be better.

Gary Vider: The stand-up comedian brought the house down with his act on Tuesday and even jokes about judge Mel B's boobs.

Alondra Santos: The 13-year-old sang the song "La Copa de la Vida/ Cup of Life" by Ricky Martin. The rendition seemed to lack a little bit in tempo but she did a good job.

Freelusion: It was a good show from the dance group. The giant 3-D robot that appeared to walk onto the stage startled even the judges.

Alicia Michilli: She sang the classic song, "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers and it was a decent performance.

Piff the Magic Dragon: He impressed everyone with a cool trick by using toast and cards. The funnyman got the judges involved too and the audience seemed to love it.

Daniella Mass: She sang "Crying" by Roy Orbison. It was a beautiful rendition with stunning production and arrangement

Uzeyer Novruzov: He tried the trick of climbing the ladder without any support at the top end. He managed to reach the top but had to jump down before the act was done. He looked disappointed but it was a tough act.

Stevie Starr: The professional regurgitator sucked in smoke before drinking liquid hand soap and some water. He blew bubbles from his mouth and later filled a large bubble with smoke that's been stored in his stomach. He also swallowed an egg before forcing it back.

Sharon Irving: She performed "Imagine" by John Lennon and it was a wonderful rendition. There is lots variety in her singing.

Paul Zerdin: He made Howie wear a ventriloquist mask before he was made to twerk and moved his legs to an Iris jig. It was no doubt, a funny act.

Going by the live performances on Tuesday, it seems like Gary Vider, Piff the Magic Dragon, Stevie Starr, Sharon Irving and Paul Zerdin will go to the finals but it is the American audience who will decide the winners.