ABC's "American Crime", which had a great freshman run with the season 1, will bring the popular actors back to season 2 as well. The series, which has been honoured with 10 nominations for the upcoming Primetime Emmy Awards, will be bringing light to a specific story of sexual identity, with the background of the Midwest.

"I haven't read anything yet, but I know that the story is going to involve an incident that happens involving students at a high school and a private high school in the same town," Timothy Hutton, who has been nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in Limited Series or Movie for his role of Russ Skokie in "American Crime" season 1, told Variety.

He is set to play the basketball coach in the elite private school, and his co-star Felicity Huffman, who has also been nominated for Outstanding Actress in Limited Series or Movie, will play the headmistress of the same school.

"We work at the same place and an incident happens that we both have to put out full attention into. I'm not sure what the dynamic of that relationship is yet. I'm excited to find out more," says Huffman.

Besides Huffman and Hutton, show-runner John Ridley will be bringing back many of the season 1 actors including Regina King, Lili Taylor, Elvis Nolasco and Richard Cabral. And although none of the actors know what roles they are going to play, Richard Cabral, who has been nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series, reveals that he will not be the bad guy again.

"John is preparing for the audience to see Richard Cabral as an actor that they've never seen. I've been the bad guy since day one and this time, it's going to be completely different. That's all that John has told me. It's going to be kind of shocking. People are not going to recognise me," said Cabral.

Fans will have to wait for the next television season to see what John Ridley and his team of talented cast and crew has in store for us.