Bollywood actress Ameesha Patel.
Bollywood actress Ameesha Patel. (Facebook)

Bollywood actress Ameesha Patel is now homeless and left embarrassed after being kicked out of a rented house that she had been flaunting as her own.

The actress had recently rented a house in a posh locality in Mumbai, which the owners have asked Patel to vacate after she was said to have laid claim to the property.

Reports said that the actress has gone around telling people in the industry that she had purchased the 4000 sq ft flat in Harsh Jyot apartment in Juhu, which is a stone's throw distance from Amitabh Bachchan's residence "Prateeksha".

The owners of the apartment, Valias, asked Patel to look for another residence for herself. "When the Valias learnt about Ameesha's impudence, they were shocked". They said," How could she lay claims to their property, when they had only rented out to her?" a source close to the family, said according to Mumbai Mirror.

Patel, on the other hand, refused to apologise, rather saying that "We have done no wrong as such statements are common in the industry."

Her attitude has apparently irked the owner and they have decided not to further rent out the apartment to her.

Apparently, the owners didn't want to sell their fifth floor flat to anyone, reserving it for their grandsons, and had rented it to Patel recently. The actress was said to have paid ₹500,000 as security deposit and had already made renovations after seeking the owner's permission.

"It was quite embarrassing for the Valias to tell Ameesha to drop the plan but eventually, they did. And Ameesha was heartbroken," the source told the daily.

Now homeless and after a string of flops, the actress is now hoping to resurrect her career, beginning with her upcoming film "Race 2" releasing in Jan 23 2013.