Actor Diljit Dosanjh's new Punjabi movie "Ambarsariya" has got a decent opening at the U.S. box office in the first weekend. But the movie has failed to beat the opening weekend business record of his previous release, "Sardaar Ji."

"Ambarsariya" has been one of the most hyped and anticipated Punjabi movies of 2016. The movie was released in over 114 screens in key international markets, including the U.S, the U.K, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It has collected approximately US$812,452 (Rs 5.40 crore) at the overseas box office in the first weekend. Its per-screen average stands at $7,126.

"Ambarsariya" has outdone John Abraham's "Rocky Handsome" to top the business chart for Indian movies in all international markets except the U.S. But it has failed to become the biggest opener of 2016, a record held by the recent release, "Love Punjabi," which collected approximately $860,659 from 89 screens at the U.S. box office in the first weekend.

Diljit Dosanjh's "Sardaar Ji" had collected approximately $930,388 (Rs 5.91 crore) from 106 screens at the overseas box office, and its per-screen average stands at $8,777. It remains the biggest opening film in his career. After seeing the brouhaha around the release of "Ambarsariya" and the number of screens it hit, trade analysts had predicted that the new film would beat the record held by "Sardaar Ji" to become the biggest opener of his career. But the expectation has obviously not been met.

The area-wise collections of "Sardaar Ji," "Ambarsariya," "Love Punjab" and "Ardaas" have been tabulated below. These numbers are based on various reports of Bollywood Hungama and may vary from the figures listed elsewhere.

United States of America
Movie Screens Gross Gross in ₹
Sardaar Ji 42 $193,711 Rs 1.23 crore
Ambarsariya 49 $185,520 Rs 1.24 crore
Love Punjab 36 $174,468 Rs 1.18 crore
Ardaas 30 $141,493 Rs 1.18 crore
Sardaar Ji 14 US$228,060 Rs 1.45 crore
Love Punjab 13 US$251,711 Rs 1.69 crore
Ambarsariya 17 US$226,537 Rs 1.51 crore
United Kingdom and Ireland
Sardaar Ji 19 £106,610 Rs 1.07 crore
Ambarsariya 18  £99,539 Rs 93.8 lakh
Ardaas 10 £71,875 Rs 69.24 lakh
Love Punjab 5 £33,514 Rs 32.29 lakh
Love Punjab 27 A$406,601 Rs 2.07 crore
Sardaar Ji 23 A$353,385 Rs 1.72 crore
Ambarsariya 23  A$249,785 Rs 1.26 crore
Ardaas 15 A$213,252 Rs 1.09 crore
New Zealand
Love Punjab 8 NZ$114,803 Rs 51.91 lakh
Sardaar Ji 8 NZ$101,658 Rs 44.37 lakh
Ambarsariya NZ$99,064 Rs 44.15 lakh
Ardaas 6 NZ$51,661 Rs 23.36 lakh
Total collection
Sardaar Ji 106 US$930,388 Rs 5.91 crore
Love Punjab 89 US$860,659 Rs 5.73 crore
Ambarsariya 114 US$812,452 Rs 5.40 crore
Ardaas 61 US$441,028  Rs 2.97 crore