Amazon Obhijaan
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Bengali films are definitely going places as the newly released film 'Amazon Obhijaan' is going to be the first film to get theatrical release in the United Kingdom.

According to Ananda Bazar, the adventure-action drama directed by Kamaleswar Mukherjee is the first Bengali film which will be released in nine theatres on January 12 across the country.

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The film, which features Bengali superstar Dev, is targetting for more than 100 screenings in a week, as noted by a spokesperson of the film's UK-based distribution partner.

The spokesperson told PTI, 'Amazon Obhijaan' (Amazon Adventures) will be initially released in nine places in the UK through Cineworld chain Feltham, Wood Green, Ilford, Milton Keynes, Birmingham Broad Street, Bradford, Leeds.

"The movie will also find screen space at The Odeon Trafford Centre, Manchester and Safari Cinema, Harrow, London."

After his 'Chander Pahar' (2013) expedition, actor Dev has put up another brilliant show in this breath-taking adventure drama.

Dev portrays the role of lead protagonist Shankar alongside Brazillian actor David James and Russian actress Svetlana Gulakova in the movie.

Kamaleswar Mukherjee and Dev paired up again for a once-in-a-lifetime journey of Shankar's sophomore on screen, which has been filmed in the rain forests of Brazil.

Amazon Obhijaan
Amazon ObhijaanTwitter

'Amazon Obhijaan' was already released on December 22 in six languages including Bengali, Hindi, Odia, Assamese, Tamil and Telugu.

In association with Candid Communication, the adventure drama is able to put its first step in the UK. Following this, two other Bengali films 'Meghnadbodh Rahosyo' and 'Mayurakshi' might be released in the UK theatres as well.

SVF Director Mahendra Soni was quoted saying, "We have invested very heavily on the production and visual effects to deliver a world-class product to the Indian audiences - living here and in the UK."

Watch the trailer for 'Amazon Obhijaan' here.