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If you have purchased an Amazon Echo smart speaker and is busy testing out its features, we have news for you. Check out this newly discovered aspect that looks potentially interesting. 

You can set up an alarm in the voice of a celebrity in Amazon Echo. As per a new report, Echo users in the US can choose from a wide audio range including Missy Elliot and Alec Baldwin while scheduling the alarm.

Other celebrity voices/tones include the likes of Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and The Grand Tour Team (applicable to the UK). 

How to set up the alarm:

Step 1: Launch the Amazon Alexa app, from your phone, open the Home section and select Timers & Alarms

Step 2: Choose Alarms, and select Manage alarm volume and default sound from a list.

Step 3: In Notification Sounds select Alarm and Celebrity Sounds. Then, select Grand Tour; and activate a new Alarm.

Apart from the above settings, you can operate the Amazon Echo with a general set of commands. Click here to explore.

[Source: Express UK].