Amazon Great Indian Festival brought some exciting deals to customers and taking advantage of one such deal was an Amazon loyalist from Delhi, who wanted to gift her son a PlayStation as a birthday gift. While millennial are confident about online shopping, there are those who still believe in the feel-factor before placing an order for the item and waiting impatiently for it to arrive. And in some cases, one might be convinced, no matter how evolved the world has become with the whole online shopping trend, that offline shopping is safer any day.

Ruchita Juneja, a Delhi-based Amazon Prime customer, could well be one to have regretted her decision to buy a PS4 online. Having ordered many items over the past, there was little doubt in Amazon India's commitment to customer service. Sadly, this was not one of those days.

When Amazon sent PS4 filled with stones

Amazon order gone wrong
Amazon order gone wrongIBT Creative

Juneja, in a detailed Facebook post earlier this week, shared her ordeal. She had ordered a PlayStation 4 from Amazon by paying Rs 27,990 as she wanted to gift her son on his birthday. Little did she know that a bigger surprise, rather a shock, was waiting on the other side.

"We ordered PS4. The order was delivered to us. We opened the pack after a day quarantine. The console was broken & had marble stones filled in it," Juneja wrote.

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The Amazon customer, who claims to have been ordering products from the e-commerce platform since 2013, also shared photos of PS4 console filled with stones inside. The customer also shared a copy of the bill online to show that there were two - and only one was legit. The top portion of the bill showed that it was a replacement package that got to her erroneously.

Amazon order gone wrong
Amazon order gone wrongFacebook use

Full refund

To further add to her misery, Amazon India's customer service failed to offer a refund after its "investigation" intially, but later the customer was given a full refund. 

Naturally irate customer had even wrote to Amazon India saying: "After being a prime member and regular customer of Amazon, this is something we didn't expect from an organization that writes — 'Your feedback is helping us build Earth's Most Customer-Centric Company'."

"As a customer centric company, we take great care in the safe delivery of all our customer packages. We have investigated this incident, and full refund has been issued to the customer. We regret the inconvenience experienced by the customer," an Amazon spokesperson told IBTimes in an email statement.

One of the best practices to ensure you are not stuck in a similar situation, is to take a video of unboxing Amazon packages, especially in case the item is expensive.