A lot of significant changes happened inside the Marvel universe after the 2015's Secret Wars event. Marvel took a historical decision to re-launch all the prominent characters under the tag of All-New, All-Different Marvel.

However, none of the changes have been as impressive and crucial as the re-launch of the long-going series "The Amazing Spider-Man."

This is not the first time Marvel has re-launched Spidey with an all-new story line. In 2014, after the end of "The Superior Spider-Man" stint, Peter Parker was once again revived and he donned the costume of the masked vigilante instead of Otto Octavius who became Spider-Man during Parker's absence.

What makes the 2015 re-launch special and different than all other versions is the reincarnation of Peter as a millionaire philanthropist who is nowhere like his original avatar of a struggling photographer trying desperately to make ends meet.

Now, Parker is the proud owner of Parker Industries; a multi-million conglomerate that has branches in China and United Kingdom. Parker Industries provide all sorts of biochemical services and medical facilities besides working on enhancing cyber and digital technologies.

Being rich has other perks too. Spidey no more swings on just webs while roaming the city. He has got his very own Spider-Mobile and his costume has certain updates.

Nevertheless, no matter how intriguing the new story sounds, one just can't ignore the fact that it is very similar to Iron Man's story. The new Parker and Tony Stark definitely share a lot of things in common.

Marvel is known for coming out with unique and odd crossovers often. There was a huge outcry among the fans when Peter was killed and instead, Doc Ock became Spider-Man, but the series was well received.

Hence, it will be no surprise if we get to see Peter Parker in the shoes of Iron Man soon. Given that he has already got most of Stark's personality and attitude with the same intelligence, it doesn't sound like a farfetched idea.

Though there is no such informationfrom Marvel yet, the possibility undoubtedly exists.