Tyler and Korey rowing a boat to the Pit Stop
Tyler and Korey rowing a boat to the Pit StopCBS / The Amazing Race

In the upcoming episode, titled "Salt That Sand!," of CBS' "The Amazing Race" Season 28, the remaining teams will go through several tasks and assignments to make it through to the next leg of the race in Bali.

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According to the synopsis by TV Maze, "A tight race to the Mat in Bali has teams rowing and swimming to a boat for the pit stop, where losers are eliminated by walking the plank."

Carter Matt has reported that the teams will face a roadblock in Indonesia that is going to be "exhausting." The teams will have to go through a task known as "salting the sand."According to the website, the top contenders in this particular task will be two of the strongest teams in the current season's race – Burnie & Ashley and Tyler & Korey.

Another promising team that might advance in the leader-board is Kelsey & Joey. Though they haven't been among the winning ones in this season, they have almost finished near the top in several legs of the race. If they continue making the efforts, there is a significant possibility of them making a way to the top contenders' slot.

Meanwhile, though Tyler and Korey have been doing their best, they are a little bit inconsistent as their physical strength is not as enhanced as Kurt & Brodie's. However, they are fit and smart enough to do well at almost any of the tasks. If they maintain their consistency, they might win the race this season.

In the previous episode, titled "I Have a Wedgie and a Half," the teams travelled to Dubai where they raced camels and swam with the sharks as part of the assignments.