In the upcoming episode titled "Welcome to Bloody Fingers 101" of CBS' "The Amazing Race" Season 28, the teams will travel to Tbilisi, Georgia, to complete the next leg of the race.

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As reported by Carter Matt, the teams will face a tough roadblock which will be rather difficult to cross. The website has also hinted that Korey from Team Tyler and Korey will have some struggles with the dance challenge that is organised almost every season.

Till now, Dana and Matt are the leading team. Even though Sheri and Cole have struggled to keep up with the other teams and haven't done too well in the previous legs, they are trying their best.

In the promo of the episode, the teams are seen having fun waiting for the transportation to their next challenge. Burnie and Ashley can be seen riding a bus in a small town or the countryside.

Talking about their experience, Burnie says: "We've wondered what could possibly be out here. We are thinking may be, there is, we have seen a lot of sheep." Ashley jokingly adds: "Or Goats." Burnie replies: "We might be goat or sheep herding, which will be a lot of fun."

Afterwards, Ashley suggests they can be making cheese with all the sheep and goats around, and Burnie agrees to it.

In the previous episode titled "Let the Good Times Roll," Sheri got stuck at a roadblock and hence Team Sheri and Cole struggled to keep up with the rest of the teams.