Amala Paul in Aadai
A poster from Amala Paul's Aadai.PR Handout

After facing all the curse words, slut shaming, character assassinations, misogyny and KDM issues, Aadai saw the light of the day on Friday evening (19 July). The delay seems to be worth the wait as Amala Paul's most-ambitious project has opened to positive reviews from the critics and audience.

From the day one, Amala Paul has been in the receiving end. The first look in which she was seen covering her modesty in tissue papers had met with severe criticisms from conservative audience, who used curse words to vent out their frustrations against her. In the course of a time, she was slut-shammed online and a section of people tried to assassin her character after the teaser release where she was seen in a nude scene.

The misogyny did not impact Amala Paul a bit and all the negative comments made her strong woman. After playing her part as an actor, the 27-year old went all out to promote Aadai and successfully created positive buzz around the film.

All her efforts looked like went in vain on the release day as the morning shows of all the versions were cancelled due to financial issues. The cancellation of morning and noon shows was a bad sign for the film as the makers not only miss out on good opening, but also left the people, who booked the tickets in advance, disappointed and fuming.

As there were no signs of release, Amala Paul entered the scene to bail out the film's fortunes from trouble. The actress waived off her salary and paid a large amount from her pocket to the financier to ensure that Aadai hits the screens. What stunned the industry insiders is the actress' taking part in the settlement negotiations which enabled the film to release from evening shows.

While actresses have earlier contributed money to save the fate of their films, it is probably for the first time where an actress took part in the negotiations in the male-dominated film industry.

In the end, her efforts seem like not gone for a waste as the movie has opened to fantastic reviews. Critics and cine-goers have hailed the actress' courage for taking up such a bold film and pulling off the character in style. Although it is preachy at parts, Aadai has impressed the viewers with overall content.

The controversial nude scene has been well-shot, according to Twitterati. "#Aadai (Tamil) - #AmalaPaul's nude scenes were aesthetically shot, not even a single frame is vulgar. The cinematography is absolutely mind-blowing. Wish the situations could have been a little more impactful. [sic]" a fan wrote.

Indeed, Amala Paul has now won the first battle, but it has to be seen whether the large section of audience will be impressed by the multilingual project.

Check out select-few tweets about the film:

Ramesh Bala: #Aadai [4/5]: Dir @MrRathna has written path-breaking original content..
He has executed beautifully.. The historical reference in the beginning and the emotional flashback scene towards the climax will stun u..
As a team, they have delivered a gem.. Don't Miss It!
@ramyavj has a good supporting role.. She has performed admirably..
DOP @KVijayKartik has shot the entire movie aesthetically.. Respect..
BGM and "Nee Vaanavilla" song haunting.. By #PradeepKumar and #Oorka (Band)
Synch sound by @sampathdft deserves a spl mention
Kudos to @Amala_ams for doing a role which no other mainstream actress would have done in Indian Cinema..
Her role starts as someone with over confidence, later turns into vulnerable.. She has surrendered to her character
A perf that deserves National Award..

Sreedhar Pillai: #Aadai is a well made articulate film from
@MrRathna without pandering to any sort of titilation. The film revolves around
@Amala_ams in a challenging role. She is simply terrific as Kamini.
@ramyavj has a meaty role. Post interval it becomes a bit preachy. Still a bold attempt.

Haricharan Pudipeddi: #Aadai is inventive and unabashedly original. A terrific allegory on what really defines freedom and depicts it through the perspective of a fearless, lawless and brazen-faced @Amala_ams as Kamini, a character that'll be remembered for a long time. Well done, @MrRathna