Top South Actress Who Were Molested in Public
Like Amala Paul, many other South actresses were harassed in public.PR Handout

If casting couch is a sad reality of the film industry, the incidents of actresses getting harassed in public have significantly increased over the years which only shows that they have to fight the battle both within and outside the industry.

The VIP 2 actress Amala Paul is the latest victim who has been sexually harassed by a 40-year old Chennai businessman, who allegedly behaved inappropriately with her. The Chennai cops have arrested the businessman in connection with the case.

However, she is not the only actresses who have landed in such horrible situation in the recent years. We list down five popular actresses who were harassed in public:

Shriya Saran
Generally, these kinds of incidents happen in a crowded space or during the promotional spree, but rarely we hear of such incidents happening in a temple. However, actress Shriya Saran was molested in a world-famous Hindu temple. The incident occurred in 2008, in the premises of Tirupathi Tirumala temple. She had slapped the miscreant.

Actress Jyothika was also sexually harassed in public. A pervert had inappropriately behaved with her, the video of which had gone viral long ago. Unfortunately, the assaulter went scot free as she didn't file a case against him.

Actress-turned-politician Nagma was kissed and molested by a local MLA named Gajraj Sharma during a public rally. He had molested her and tried to feel her up in public.

Shweta Menon
At a public event, Shweta Menon was molested by MP Peetambhara Kuroop. She had filed a case against him which she withdrew later, after he apologised to her. 

Genelia too faced a similar situation during an event in Hyderabad, a few years ago. Genelia had slapped the enthusiastic fan who touched her inappropriately amid tight security.