Amala Paul
Amala Paul.PR Handout

Amala Paul is in love again. The actress, herself, has revealed about being in a relationship during the promotions of her upcoming movie Aadai, which will see the light of the day on Friday, 19 July.

In an interview with Film Companion, Amala Paul has spoken high about her beau for his supportive nature. "After I heard the Aadai script, I shared it with him first. The first thing he told me was that I needed to really work on myself if I was going to do the film. He told me that I had to be at my 100 percent physically and mentally," she said.

Amala Paul says that she was a "rebel without a cause" and his true love healed her. According to the actress, he sacrificed his career to be with her.

She adds that he does not hide truth to satisfy her ego and tells her flaws without any hesitation. "He is not somebody who keeps praising me and flattering me. He would tell my flaws. After watching my previous films, he said you are such a shi**y actor. He told me 'I am surprised that you are still surviving in the industry.. you never took care of yourself. You never worked on your acting. You will just go to sets and work. This is not how things work.' He opened my third eye," the 27-year old said.

The Thalaivaa actress continues, "We (actors) have a big problem. We have a lot of insecurity and fragile. We only keep those people around who praises our ego and tell lies to us. Unless the moment you realise that these people are not helping you get ahead. It was the same case with me. People around me were praising my ego and there were not giving the truth. They were not giving me the right criticism, and this man came and he just ripped me apart,"

He is the truth in my life. He let me find myself back. So, I discuss with him. We watch movies together. He is a huge movie buff. I discuss my roles and I take his opinion. He is seen so much of movies... and he is very intelligent," she ends.

However, the actress has not revealed anything about the identity of her beau, leaving her fans wondering about him.

Amala Paul was earlier married to director AL Vijay, but their relationship did not last long and ended with divorce in a matter of three years after the marriage.