Amala Paul has spoken about her self-cleaning journey on her Instagram account on the occasion of Mother's Day. She has mentioned about the need to fight back to overcome the struggles in her life.

Amala Paul's Mango comment
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Cryptic Message
The actress apparently talks about her life and how her actions from the past and its impact. Her cryptic words indicate about her failed relationships and her sufferings. In the process, she raises a few questions before coming to conclusion that she needs to bounce back.

She ends the letter with a thank-you note to her mom Annice Paul on the occasion of Mother's Day. Checkout the unedited text from her post below:

You missed a spot:

Have you swept the floor? So soon?
 My mom would then go on to point at a microscopic spot between the teapoy and the bamboo sofa and tell me I missed the two nano specks of dust.

When I look at what I've let life do to me, I realize the dust I missed in different spots has now transformed into a colossal gargoyle within me; standing guard and letting feelings only drip and not flow freely outside of me.

Had I picked up every last piece of my broken heart, would I have stopped settling for less?
 Maybe if I swept my mind clean after the monster rubbed against me, I wouldn't fear intimacy.
 Would it have helped if I bathed the soiled words projected right at me in poetry?
 What if I had soaked every insult in pure self-love. Would I then be able to live life on my own terms?
 Perhaps I should soak yesterday's memories, tumble dry today's damages, and hang my dreams for a better tomorrow out in the open.

I'm off, I've got to do some deep cleaning.


Amala Paul and AL Vijay
Amala Paul and AL Vijay,PR Handout

Amala Paul entered film industry with a background. She made her debut with Malayalam film Neelathamara, but her first big break came in the form in Prabhu Solomon's Mynaa. When the actress started climbing up in her career, she fell in love with AL Vijay and tied the knot.

However, the issues started cropping up once Amala Paul decided to act in movies after marriage. Their relationship ended in divorce. She is now in a relationship with Bhavninder Singh.