Amal Alamuddin-George Clooney marriage is surrounded by various divorce and pregnancy rumours already. But, in addition to this, the reports about the actor's wife not sharing a cordial relationship with his BFF Cindy Crawford are also all over the web. And now, it looks like Sandra Bullock is confused about all the good things she said about the human rights attorney.

In the recent past, there have been several reports that suggested the UN lawyer is avoiding Cindy and making no efforts to becoming friends with her. And now, according to the latest report, Amal has got nastier and has mocked the former supermodel.

Amal Alamuddin apparently insulted the wife of Clooney's business partner and mocked her by comparing her looks to that of Caitlyn Jenner, reported Celeb Dirty Laundry. "Amal joked that Cindy could be Caitlyn Jenner's twin. Then she burst into giggles, but Cindy was stone-faced," a source said.

The report further stated that this remark made Cindy furious and she was upset with Amal. In fact, the report claims that the supermodel now wants a make-over.

"She wants to chop he hair off and start wearing glasses. She doesn't ever want to be mistaken for Caitlyn again!" the source added.

Now, when stories of Amal's rudeness towards Cindy has gone viral, Sandra Bullock seems to have found herself in a fix. Only recently did the actress speak high of George Clooney's wife, but now according to Classicalite, Bullock is shocked and could be regretting what she had said about Amal Alamuddin.

"I knew that George had found the right person. He made the right choice and so did Amal: they prove that you have to resist to the pressure of a world that wants to see you married," the report reported Bullock as saying.

Well, it looks like Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney owe some explanations to their friends.