Kuniya Matsumoto (L), Toshio Takagi and Periasamy Thanapandi
Kuniya Matsumoto (L) President & CEO Amada India, Toshio Takagi - Senior Executive MD Amada Group & Chairman Amada India and Periasamy Thanapandi - President & CEO Amada Soft IndiaAMADA

AMADA, the Japanese Machine tool manufacturer, is set to contribute in a big way in the world's fastest-emerging markets in India and China.

In a statement, Toshio Takagi, COO and Senior Managing Director AMADA Co. Ltd, said that the company was "expanding and investing more with aggressive efforts for an effective customer in various ways including, expansion of sales and service centers from four to eight, expanding and empowering company's in India, providing full-fledged professional training to customers' engineers and operators and establishment of Technical Center, a complete customer support facility in a global AMADA standard."

Takagi said that the two companies that the machine tool manufacturer established in India in 2000 and 1996 - AMADA INDIA - with 110 members under the leadership of Kuniya Matsumoto, and a software development centre called AMADA SOFT INDIA with 120 employees under the leadership of Periasamy Thanapandi respectively were two strong entities in the country contributing to AMADA.

"The company has now expanded to eight service centers with new service centers at Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Vadodora and Pune," he said.

The headquarters of AMADA INDIA is in Mumbai. A mini-version of the technical center is already established and running in the Whitefields, Bangalore, and the company is now working towards the grand opening of a new technical center in 2014.

AMADA SOFT INDIA is carrying out the innovative and fundamental research-based development activities in partnership with IIT Madras. The COO and senior managing director said that "with strong bridgehead relationship with IIT Madras, AMADA SOFT INDIA today is set to provide dedicated services to Indian Customers through AMADA INDIA."

Pointing out the strategy for the market share for all sheet metal machine makers in the emerging nations as "an important issue," he said that "in India, bigger size EMS corporations and Metal processing companies are getting established, and they look forward to receive orders in a bigger scale from the fast growing infrastructure industries."

The company also produces high-end products such as F1 and HDS and middle-end solutions/products to support new corporations entering as suppliers to infrastructure industries such as FOMII, RG MII.