Allu Arjun cuddling his daughter Allu Arha
Allu Arjun cuddling his daughter Allu ArhaSnapshot of Twitter video

A video featuring stylish star Allu Arjun cuddling daughter Allu Arha and asking her to marry the boy choice has gone viral on social media. This cute and sweet moment is creating ripples.

Post the failure of Naa Peru Surya, Allu Arjun has taken a long break from films and has been busy spending time with his family members and friends. The stylish star was in news yesterday after he shared a photo of his meeting with Brahmanandam and wrote, "Real Iron Man . Man with a strong heart. Funny & Fearless. Soo happy to see my Kill Bill Pandey killing it ❤️."

A day after the photo went viral, Allu Arjun is once again trending on social media and this time, for a video featuring him spending time with daughter Arha. PRO-turned-producer SKN tweeted the video and wrote, "A sweet cute moment between father & little daughter @alluarjun & allu arha."

In this video, Allu Arjun is seen telling his little princess to tell him that she will marry the guy chosen by him. Initially, she accepts his words and says 'yes'. When he asks her the same question, she keeps saying no to him. The actor, who is bowled over by her cute no, is seen cuddling her time and again, calling her Dongaa.

Many felt goosebumps after watching this cute conversation between Allu Arjun and his daughter Arha in the video and called it a cute one. After the clip started trending, the stylish star himself took to Twitter to share the same footage and he captioned it: "My Donga Fellow ❤️#alluarha."

Director Udaykumar‏ @Uday7788

Post of the day. Next generations kids. My wishes and blessings to cutie #alluarha

AlluManvi‏ @AlluManvi

Sooooo Cute❤️ my baby #AlluArha Daddy's Little Princess #StylishStar @alluarjun

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Woww Arha with @alluarjun anna Adorable level - Infinityyyy #AlluArjun #AlluArha

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Cutest video insta lo kinda bunnysneha Cmnts highlight #AlluArha ❤️

Mridhu‏ @Mridhu13

Sooooo sweeeeeet. God bless. Innocent heart touching. Tears in eyes with smile on lips. Thanx fr sharing such a beautiful moment