In a shocking revelation, a woman named Aiya Tahir from Bhimber, Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) has narrated her ordeal that she was held hostage for 7 months. In a video that has been making the rounds on the internet, she alleged that she was held captive by a group of terrorists and was raped for seven months. The captors also made took turns to rape her and made obscene video. On her release, she was demanded Rs. 10 lakh.

What followed was a turn of the events against which Aiya has been fighting for more than 4 years. The terrorists kidnapped her son and demanded 15 lakh and threatened to kill her son if she refused to pay.

"They demanded Rs. 15 lakh and threatened to kill my son if I don't pay," she said. On approaching police she was sent to panchayat and on gunpoint, she was forced to sign a razinama (acknowledgment letter). Seeking justice she approached DIG Mirpur who gave her a letter directing Bhimber police to file an FIR. When she returned, the police told her that two FIRs have been filed in this case one by the police and another based on her complaint. But to Aiya's shock, her version of FIR was rejected and the police took its own version and arrested two criminals.


Nexus of police and terrorists

When she took media to the police station, the suspects were sleeping in SHOs room and neither the van that was used to kidnap his son was recovered nor those who made obscene videos were taken into the custody. It's been more than 4 and a half years since her case is filed with Shariat court. She also alleged that the terrorists have been harassing her husband and the people who are helping her. People who have been supporting her were slapped with FIRs. Moreover, she has written 42 letters to the CJI of PoK she was shunned away by the CJI office as well.

Through the video, she wants the CJI of Pakistan, Army Chief, and Prime Minister to hear plight. "There is no law and order in PoK and only terrorists rule these areas. Women and small children are being kidnapped and raped. They have even attacked government buildings," she added.

International Business Times, India could not independently verify these claims or the authenticity of the video. Once we have confirmation, this story will be duly updated.