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Facebook has launched another social media platform with a refurbished concept. The new social network, Facebook At Work, is aimed at the Enterprise market.

Launching the pilot edition of the new social network, Facebook has released the web version and 2 apps - for Android and iPhone platforms.

What is it?

Facebook At Work is similar to the traditional Facebook social networking site. But, "At Work" indicates that this platform allows users to connect with their colleagues and not friends. To give the new network a different feel, Facebook has also changed the interface colour palate.

What it's meant to do?

Although it looks and feels just like the existing Facebook, the people on your friend list will be different. Here, you may have a work-related discussion with your colleagues or your boss might call in for a global meeting via the portal.

Facebook At Work will also feature all the popular Facebook features such as timeline, news feed, search, groups, events, messenger and media-sharing services; but the people you interact with will be different. So you won't be able to connect with your friends or family members here, rather your colleagues at work.

What will be there?

So the social network will show your job title including your work contact info and in case if you don't like anything shown on your profile info or edit something, you need to contact with your HR Head. You will just be able to change your profile and cover picture by yourself.

If you lead a team you can create a private group with your colleagues and discuss, share information and interact with each other. To arrange a team meeting, you can create a separate event and invite any specific person you want to. A page can also be created so as to share some information.

How to Join

Facebook At Work is available to people only if their employers are ready to set up a work account on the network. That means you can only join the network if your management likes the concept and agrees to create their personal network inside the enterprise.