Rohit Shetty's biggest cop film, Sooryavanshi is just round the corner and it has started to make all kinds of noise, for all the right and the wrong reasons. While it was the collaboration of Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Ajay Devgn and Ranveer Singh which was creating a buzz, it is now Rohit Shetty's comment which has not gone down with many.

Rohit Shetty-Katrina Kaif

In an interaction, Rohit Shetty had said that no one would look at Katrina Kaif when they have Ajay, Akshay and Ranveer in a frame. This led to Twitter trending #shameonyourohitshetty. Twitter lambasted Rohit Shetty left, right and centre for his sexist comment. While the ace director didn't say anything, Katrina Kaif came out in his defence and said that it was made in reference to a context which was blown out of proportion unnecessarily.

Katrina reacts

"Dear Friends and Well-wishers... I normally do not comment on media reports or articles... But in this case, I feel a comment made by Rohit Sir has been taken out of context and is been entirely misunderstood. I am referring to the comment as reported that Rohit Shetty said, 'No one would look at me in the frame, as there are three boys there and a blast happening"', this is not what was said.

Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif
Akshay Kumar, Katrina

I mentioned that I had blinked in the shot, and Rohit sir said, 'there are four people together in the frame and a bomb blast happening, no one will notice you BLINKING.' In spite of that, we still did one more take.

I share a very warm equation and friendship with Rohit sir and have always enjoyed our discussions on everything from cinema to my character and, more importantly, he has always been there as a friend for me. This has been taken entirely taken out of context. Hope you all have a great day," wrote Katrina.

However, it seems Rohit Shetty has not taken this lightly. The man has allegedly unfollowed Katrina Kaif, as reported by Mumbai Mirror. Rohit Shetty's last film, Simmba, was also embroiled in controversy owing to the plot exploiting the sad state of women's.