Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar's chemistry in the movie "Sairat" was loved by all, but surprisingly the duo does not share the same chemistry off-screen. Grapevine suggests that all is not well between the lead actors of one of biggest blockbuster hits "Sairat."

Rinku and Akash made their big debut in the film industry with "Sairat," which became the biggest hit in Marathi cinema. Rinku and Akash started their journey in the film industry together as friends, but after the release the two are not on talking terms, Spotboye reported.

According to the entertainment portal, towards the end of the film's shoot, 23-year-old Akash started neglecting his co-star Rinku, which did not go down well with her. The portal quoting a source further said that Rinku has complained about Akash's behaviour to her friends and is also sulking about it.

When Spotboye asked the source whether Rinku and Akash will share screen space after "Sairat," the source replied, "That shouldn't be a problem, but let's see."

While all is not well between the lead actors, "Sairat" director Nagraj Manjule has been embroiled in a controversy, after his ex-wife accused him of physically and emotionally abusing her.

"What I regret the most is not having any child of my own, despite being married for 15 long years. Looking at other married women, I always longed to taste motherhood, have a child of my own, but it wasn't possible in our marriage. Because every time I would ask him about having a child, he would scold me that it wouldn't be possible because he can't afford to get bogged down by familial ties, when he has filmy dreams to chase," Sunita Manjule, Nagraj's ex-wife, told the Quint in an interview.

"This is why he made me go for 2-3 abortions, and whenever I raised my voice for keeping the child, he thrashed me, with his bare hands, leather belt and sometimes, a log of wood."