All Lights India International Film Festival
All Lights India International Film Festival

All Lights India International Film Festival (ALIIFF) has announced the list of movies to be screened as part of Indywood Film Carnival, one of the largest film-based events in the country, which will be held at Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad from Dec 1-4.

After the grand success of the first two editions, ALIIFF is being considered as one of Asia's best film festivals. The third edition of ALIIFF has received over 1,000 film submissions from over 80 countries. Among them, more than 130 films have been shortlisted for screening in six competition and categories and more than eight non-competition categories.

"We have selected some of the best works in contemporary cinema which include films that have won international recognition for ALIIFF 2017. It is a matter of great pride that we are showcasing movies from more than 50 countries. It underlines the reputation and credibility of ALIIFF. We believe that this will play a pivotal role in promoting Film Tourism in India apart from strengthening cultural relations and knowledge exchange," said Indywood Founder Director Sohan Roy.

Sohan Roy, director of Hollywood movie Dam999, spearheads 10 billion US dollar Project Indywood which aims at elevating Indian film industry to global standards in the next five years through a consortium of 2,000 Indian billionaires and corporates. He was listed in Top Powerful and Influential Leaders in Middle East 2017 released by Forbes Middle East.

The Rs 70,000 crore Project Indywood aims at initiating 10,000 new 4K projection multiplex screens, 100,000 2K/4K projection home cinemas, 8K/4Kfilm studios, 100 animation/VFX studios and film schools conforming to international standards.

Renowned filmmaker and Padma Bhushan recipient Shyam Benegal is chairing the event as the Festival Director. "ALIIFF 2017 brings together the best of Indian Cinema to showcase to the world. It is an excellent platform for all film professionals and cineastes of the country to come together," said Shyam Benegal.

Nisha Joseph, Artistic Director, ALIIFF said, "The selection criteria and process were competitive. We were forced to leave out many brilliant movies. ALIIFF 2017 will also showcase a retrospective of Shyam Benegal, a legend in Indian Film Industry. Another highlight will be the trilogy of 11 Palanca Award Winner Filipino Director Jun Robles Lana. ALIIFF will also have a special section dedicated to animation and environmental movies this year. We are offering our delegates a complete package of International cinema."

Check the list of films to be screened at the festival below:

1 International Competition for Feature Films

Movie Director Country Year Runtime
AREA Luisito Lagdameo Ignacio Philippines 2016  106 Mins
THE SIS Marjan Ashrafizadeh Iran 2016  94 Mins
FEAST OF VARANASI Rajan Patel UK 2016  93 Mins
TRAIN TRAVELERS DIARY Miloš Radović  Serbia 2016   85 Mins
HELSMAN (KASHTIBAN) Majid Esmaeili-Parsa  Iran  2016  85 Mins
 SAAWAN Farhan Alam USA  2017  138 Mins
 NOWHERE TO HIDE Farhan Alam  Norway 2016   86 Mins

 2 International Competition for Debute Director's Films

Movie Director Country Year Runtime
BILU: A DEMON WITHIN  Indrasis Acharya India 2016 129 Mins
MAHEMIR  Anjum Shahzad Pakistan 2016  146 Mins
SAUTI (VOICE)  Gayle Nosal & Beret E. Strong USA 2017  74 Mins
2001: WHILE KUBRICK WAS IN SPACE Gabriel Nicoli Argentina 2016  76 Mins
THE FORSAKEN  Jiju Antony India 2017 81 Mins 
APRICOT GROVES  Pouria Heidary Oureh Armenia  2016  80 Mins
6 AND 1 (IN THE MIND)  Lachezar Petrov Bulgaria 2016 91 Mins

3 International Competition for Indywood Panorama

Movie Director Country Year Runtime
ALIFA Deep Choudhury India 2016 109 Mins
CHENNAI VIDUTHY Sheby Chawghat India  2017 94 Mins
THE HIDDEN CORNER Jaicheng Jai Dohutia India 2016 83 Mins
PALYADAWASI Pragati Kolage India 2017 120 Mins
RAILWAY CHILDREN Prithvi Konanur India 2016 115 Mins
RAKTHAM (THE BLOOD) Rajesh Touchriver  India  2017 125 Mins
KALICHAAT Sudhanshu Sharma India  2016  70 Mins 

4 International Competition for Short Films

Movie Director Country Year Runtime
TAKE THE REINS Emma Barrett USA 2016 17 Mins
MEMORY HOSPITAL Pedro Paulo de Andrade Brazil 2016 18 Mins
CHUDALA Maaria Sayed India 2016 14 Mins
BITCHBOY Måns Berthas Sweden 2016 15 Mins
VISION Soheil Amirsharifi Iran 2016 14 Mins
CALAMITY Maxime Feyers Belgium 2017 20 Mins
IT COMES FROM THE HEAVENS Odren Romero Cuba 2017 19 Mins
ME (ASMAD) Prabhjit Dhamija India 2016 30 Mins
LIMIT Javad Daraei Iran 2017 9 Mins
MY FRIEND NAIM José Luis López Ortiz Spain 2017 12 Mins
REFRACTION Mirko Grillini Australia 2017 18 Mins
EVERYDAY Philippe ORREINDY France 2017 14 Mins
BUILDING NO.13 Amir Gholami Iran 2016 11 Mins
NUMBNESS Milad Jarmooz Iran 2017 13 Mins
UNNATURAL SELECTION Geneviève Delouche France 2017 15 Mins
MARY MOTHER Sadam Wahidi Afghanistan 2016 19 Mins
THE KILL Anay Tarnekar USA 2016 16 Mins
KEEP GOING Lin, Ya-yu Taiwan 2014 21 Mins
KILL OFF Genevieve Clay-Smith Australia 2016 16 Mins

5 International Competition for Student Short Films

Movie Director Country Year Runtime
SANYOG Aly Rana India 2016 19 Mins
BEER AND CALIPPO Paul Ploberger Austria 2016 28 Mins
HELP WANTED Jacquile Kambo Canada 2016 15 Mins
THE LOUDEST SILENCE Marccela Moreno Brazil 2016 15 Mins
ANTICIPATIONS Mauro Walker Switzerland 2016 3 Mins
BONUSMOTHER Sebastian C Christensen Denmark 2017 7 Mins
BLACK IN WHITE Valter Sousa Rege Brazil 2016 15 Mins
ROUND TWO Hagai Adorian Israel 2017 27 Mins
PAYDAY Felix Kempter Germany 2017 20 Mins
THE CAGE Jiawei LIN Germany 2017 20 Mins
THE PIXIE FIGHTERS Dani Schoffman USA 2016 15 Mins
FOR ISABELLE Tilly Hobkirk Australia 2017 3 Mins
SAPMI - THE WAY OF BEING Arttu Nieminen Finland 2017 16 Mins
Slovakia 2016 25 Mins

6 International Competition for Documentaries

Movie Director Country Year Runtime
SEDUCTION LTD Anat Vovnoboy Israel 2016 50 Mins
THE MIGRUMPIES Arman T. Riahi Austria 2016 98 Mins
WE CAME IN SPRING CARTS Clive Read South Africa 2016 41 Mins
NIGHT Gül Büyükbeşe Turkey 2016 45 Mins
YKT MUMBAI OP Srivastava India 2016 48 Mins
COUNTER HISTORIES : Rock Hill Frederick Taylor USA 2016 53 Mins

7 Environmental / Sustainability Films

Movie Director Country Year Runtime
THE STOLEN RIVER Krisztina Danka USA 2017 39 Mins
SAVE ME Mohsen Nabavi Iran 2016 11 Mins
IN SEARCH OF LIFE Paul Sta. Ana Philippines 2015 90 Mins
VAMIZI-CRADLE OF CORA Mattias Klum Sweden 2016 52 mins
URMILA - MY MEMORY IS MY POWER Susan Gluth Germany 2016 87 mins
SUNDARBANS: RISING WATER, EBBING LIFE Dheeraj Sarthak India 2017 48 mins

8 Short Film Corner

Movie Director Country Year Runtime
THE LITTLE DICTATOR Nurith Cohn Israel 2015 29 mins
A GRAVE AFFAIR Renjit Varma India 2017 15 mins
THE ROOF ABOVE US Bruno Brazil 2015 20 mins
GO PAUL Felix Karolus Germany 2017 17 mins
NICOLE'S CAGE Josef Brandl Germany 2017 15 mins
PRINCESS Karsten Dahlem Germany 2017 16 mins
SUPERHEROES Volker Petters Germany 2017 15 mins
FORGIVENESS Rima Irani Lebanon 2015 13 mins
OSCAR Veeru Murugappan Singapore 2017 7 mins
WHO IS THE CULPRIT Jason Jia Korea 2017 30 mins
SWEET HEART Christo Tomy India 2015 24 mins
LIFE OF ARTIST Berin Tuzlic Bosnia and Herzegovina 2017 5 mins
CHOICE IN QUANTUM Yutang Wang China 2016 17 mins
BE BOLD Arshad Ali Malaysia 2017 20 mins
LOLA STILL DANCES Ana Mancera Mexico 2016 25 mins
LIFTER Selkin Fedor Russia 2016 12 mins
THE DRIVING SEAT Phil Lowe UK 2016 9 mins
FELICITA Yiannis Zafiris Greece 2016 10 mins
APARTMENT 6 Olzhas Akhmetov Kazakhstan 2015 18 mins
BROKEN FLOWER Tushnik Chaudhuri India 2017 35 mins

9 Must Watch Movies

Movie Director Country Year Runtime
DIE BEAUTIFUL Jun Robles Lana Philippines 2016 120 mins
WAY BACK TO MOTHER Soo Sung Lee South Korea 2016 74 mins
SOUND OF SILENCE Bijukumar Damodaran India 2017 89 mins
ACCORDING TO HER Estelle Artus USA 2016  90 mins
THE CONNECTOR Fakhrul Arefeen Khan  Bangladesh  2016 113 mins
A PAREDE Carlos Costa Portugal 2016 90 mins
DE POTENTIA DEI Ondřej Vavrečka  Czech Republic 2016 66 mins
I, LUCAS Lucas Maldonado Colombia  2016  71 mins
ANGAMALI DIARIES Lijo Jose Pellissery India 2017 132 mins

10 Iranian Focus

Movie Director Country Year Runtime
COLD BREATH Abbas Raziji Iran 2017 83 mins
THE GIRL FROM THE EAST Khodadad Jalali Iran 2016 90 mins
MAHIN'S ISSUE Hossein Tabrizi Iran 2017 92 mins

Trilogy of Jun Robles Lana

Movie Director Country Year Runtime
SHADOW BEHIND THE MOON Jun Robles Lana Philippines 2015 120 mins
BARBER'S TALES Jun Robles Lana Philippines 2013 120 mins
BWAKAW Jun Robles Lana Philippines 2012 110 Mins

Retrospective Section - Shyam Benegal

Movie Director Country Year Runtime
ANKUR Shyam Benegal India 1974 131 mins
BHUMIKA Shyam Benegal India 1977 142 mins
MANTHAN Shyam Benegal India 1976 134 Mins

Special Retrospective Section - KG George by Lijin Jose

Movie Director Country Year Runtime
8 1/2 INTERCUTS- LIFE AND FILMS of KG George Lijin Jose India 2017 120 mins