Avengers Endgame, the final chapter in this version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and first film from the MCU's phase four will tell the tale of how the remaining Avengers deal with the aftermath of Thanos' "snap" that caused the infamous "dusting" of 50 per cent of all living creatures in the entire universe.

The roughly 2-and-a-half-minute trailer is chock full of details and Easter eggs as always. Since it has been two days since the trailer dropped, obsessive comic book fans have pored through every frame of the trailer and have managed to uncover a ton of details from it. Here are a number of theories, details, Easter eggs, and details that you might have missed in the trailer for Avengers 4 or Avengers Endgame. If you are confused about the MCU timeline, go check out the official Marvel timeline that places all the films in order, for the most part.

The trailer opens with a defeated and wounded Tony Stark left adrift in space on board a spaceship which has run out of water and food. He mentions that air will also run "tomorrow morning". He records a message for Pepper Potts. The spaceship he is in is clearly the Guradians' ship. It is possible that Nebula, Thanos' daughter is also aboard the spacecraft. It is clear that Stark is pretty much given up all hope of rescue. "Rescue", as the New Rockstars point out, is the name Pepper Potts goes by when she wears the Iron Man armour, briefly, in the comics. Set photos of Gweneth Paltrow showed that she does wear some kind of armour, so is this related?

The next scene shows Thanos' armour set up like a scarecrow in a field. With the next shot showing him walking through the field. He is limping and walking through what looks like the farm he set up shop in at the end of Infinity War. In fact, that armour scarecrow can actually be seen in the last scene of the movie. Black Widow can be heard telling a beardless Captain America that Thanos did, in fact, wipe out 50 per cent of all living creatures.

Bruce Banner is then seen looking at pictures of missing people and Scott Lang—Antman, Shuri, and Peter Parker—Spider-Man's images are projected.

The next shot has a few quick cuts with Captain America giving a motivational speech, one that might actually make it to the film. We can see Nebula standing in what appears to be a spaceship. One of the most interesting shots in the entire trailer is the appearance of Hawkeye. He seems to be in Japan. Holding a Katana-like sword, he is seen wiping blood off the sword while Black Widow watches him from behind. This could be the Ronin incarnation of Hawkeye's evolution. Captain's voiceover says, "we lost family" and the trailer cuts to Clint. This could mean his family fell victim to the Dusting and he is now out for revenge.

One of the most uplifting scenes in the whole trailer that is actually filled with depressing shots is Black Widow telling the Captain that it is going to work, to which he responds "I know it is because I don't know what I'm gonna do if it doesn't." The compass that Captain is holding in the scene is pointing North East and internet sleuths have found that it is similar to the direction Captain Marvel was headed in the trailer. Does that mean Captain America is going in search of Captain Marvel for help?

Avengers Endgame
Black Widow and Captain AmericaMarvel Studios

Even the title reveal is a rather interesting one. IT shows the ashes coming back together to form the Avengers logo. Does this mean the dusting will be reversed in the movie?

Scott Lang then shows up at the doorstep of where Captain America and Black Widow are holed up but the reason Captain asks if it is an old recording is because of the frame actually shows "archive" and not a live video of the front door. So this could mean that through Quantum tunnelling, Scott could have somehow made it back in time and now he is looking for Captain to get a grip on what is going on.

Avengers Endgame opens worldwide April 26, 2019.

Avengers Endgame
Avengers Endgame opens on April 26, 2019Marvel Studios