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It was on March 13, 1997, that a series of widely sighted unidentified flying objects (UFO) was spotted in the skies of Arizona, Nevada, and the Mexican State of Sonora. These lights were popularly called Phoenix Lights, and now, conspiracy theorists have started claiming that these UFOs have returned. According to these conspiracy theorists, Phoenix lights have now returned to Colombia, as a stream of bright lights appeared over the city of Medellin.

UFO fleet astonishes Medellin residents

Many people in Medellin apparently spotted several bright lights in the sky during the night, and UFO expert Juan Jesús Vallejo told the Al Rojo Vivo program revealed that these flying objects were hovering across the skies as if they were controlled by an intelligent force.

Scott C Waring analyzed the UFO sighting

Even though this UFO sighting happened on September 2, Waring analyzed this sighting recently, and he claimed that aliens are trying to make their presence felt on the earth.

"Another Phoenix Lights incident just happened in Medellin, Colombia. Residents were witnesses to an event that lasted a long time and the lights changed color and sometimes organized into a group. This is absolute proof that aliens are still trying to make the public aware of their existence. An effort on their part is being made," wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily.

UFO spotted in the skies next to airplane

A few days back, a video was submitted to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) that showed a bright UFO flying next to an airplane. This video was also analyzed by Waring and assured that these sightings are substantiating the presence of aliens on earth.

However, skeptics dismissed the alien angle and made it clear that the bizarre object spotted next to the airplane could be most probably a reflection of the sun on the flight's window.